LOOK isn’t just for artists, it is for our community. We promote the many exciting artists in Meanjin while maintaining a high standard of approachability. We believe that by creating a space that is cooperative and cross-disciplinary, we can encourage people both in and outside of the art community to share an exciting and expansive experience.


LOOK is community focused, diverse and connectional. It is a place where people can learn, question, test and look at art through the components of a physical exhibition and an interactive online space. 


As the subsidiary of GRAIN Magazine, the LOOK monthly exhibition will be a cross cumulative event interlocking followers of art and music. Each exhibition features hand picked artists and DJs that have been curated as a complementary pairing. We invite the duo to participate in creating a sensory exchange, which will elevate each other's work. The cohesion of art and music will support the growth of the creative industries in Meanjin.

We showcase a diverse range of artists from different identities, skillsets and training. Our program features a range of established and emerging artists that traverse conceptual or commercial spheres of the art industry. 


LOOK online is where people can gain a greater understanding of art by looking deeper into the work. People can revisit the show, learn more about the artist and read industry discussions. Each month a chosen theme or topic is explored to stimulate in-depth understanding, unique insights and open discourse surrounding the art world. We encourage our audience to actively participate and begin to question. 


Come have a LOOK!

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We invite you to the opening of the next addition of our monthly program, LOOK! Exhibition three celebrates the work of local artists Micah Rustichelli & Girls in Hats.

Happening at O'Skulligans on the 3rd of October.


Maddy Draheim

Maddy Draheim

Works from our second LOOK artist, Maddy Draheim for sale here.