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LOOK: Maddy Draheim with Xin

We invite you to the opening of the next addition of our monthly program, LOOK! Exhibition two celebrates the work of local artists Maddy Draheim and Xin. Through a convergence of sound and visual, together these artists will continue LOOK’s exhibition program which seeks to create a cooperative space for artists and DJs to expand Meanjin’s creative community and share in a stimulating experience.


Maddy Draheim is a multidisciplinary artist based in Meanjin. Maddy’s practice playfully intertwines popular media and elements of fine art to expand the materiality of internet culture. Their paintings and soft sculptures re-evaluate the expected narratives of high and low visual culture via the application of historical painterly techniques and precise rendering of familiar characters.


Xin is a Meanjin based female DJ who loves to shake her booty when playing jersey club beats. She may have a soft spot for the jersey scene but she’s always inspired by a vast array of genres ranging from breaks, footwork, electro, hard hitting techno to deconstructed club. Her creative discipline not only lies in music but also in visual design.


Date: Sunday July 3rd 2022

Time: from 4pm

Artist: Maddy Draheim & Xin

Sounds from: Xin

Venue: O'Skulligans | Free entry



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