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LOOK: Visaya Hoffie with TULLIO

Every month, LOOK invites you to the opening event of our exhibition program. The sixth instalment of the program explores the work of Visaya Hoffie and TULLIO. Through a convergence of sound and visual, together these artists will continue LOOK’s exhibition program which seeks to create a cooperative space for artists and DJs to expand Meanjin’s creative community and share in a stimulating experience.


Visaya Hoffie (she/her), Meanjin artist Visaya Hoffie, has worked across fine art since graduating QCA in 2017. Specialising in painting while at University, was just the beginning of the broad range of mediums she would go on to incorporate into her repertoire including inflatables, digital illustrations, zines and ceramics amongst many others. Across all of her mediums Visaya’s works are sparked by bright colours and intrigue creating creatures full of humour, cheekiness and a malicious twist. Taking references from the everyday, her works generates feelings of familiarity in a context entirely constructed by the artist.


TULLIO (she/her) is a Meanjin-based DJ fresh to the scene but an experienced and devoted attendee to the underground scene since 2019. Working full-time in the fashion industry by day, her occupation reflects how she interprets music as a more collaborative or sharing experience for all. Discovering the art of Dj-ing has been an open and positive experience in finding ways to connect with others through movement rather than verbal. She is sharing her love for the underground slowly but surely but hopes to be a positive contributor to a scene she so dearly loves.


Date: Sunday 6th November 2022

Time: from 4pm

Artist: Visaya Hoffie

Sounds from: TULLIO

Venue: O'Skulligans | Free entry



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