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LOOK: Siena Hart & Tom Bartsch with Romiindahouse

Every month, LOOK invites you to the opening event of our exhibition program. The sixth instalment of the program debuts the collaborative project from Siena Hart and Tom Bartsch featuring a soundscape for the works by Romiindahouse. Through a convergence of sound and visual, together these artists will continue LOOK’s exhibition program which seeks to create a cooperative space for artists and DJs to expand Meanjin’s creative community and share in a stimulating experience.


Siena Hart (she/her), through an expanded collage and performance practice, Siena provokes shared senses of intimacy and relation by probing audience’s fixed notions of subjectivity, identity and meaning; exploring the body as a preternatural site. By disrupting the border-spaces of the known and unknown, Siena invites audiences to challenge the architecture of their own identities, relations, and memory.

Check out more of Siena's work here. Tom Bartsch (he/him), toying with high contrast type and raw organic form, Tom’s practice translates moments, encounters and imaginings into visually balanced and sharp two dimensional offerings. His work is equal parts intuitive and methodical, illustrating the symbolic, the explicit and unknown.


Romiindahouse (she/her) Romiindahouse is a fellow Māori/Aussie sister who has been known for providing a bravado of eclectic, booty bumping and swagalicious vibes to any crowd she may groove upon. Romindahouse’s usual curation can vary anywhere from up-beat techno and trance as well as jersey club and Breakbeat classics. Being based in Meanjin, Romi has blessed some of the finest local events and has grown her passion throughout. On her journey of becoming a household name within the local and interstate techno community, Romi has supported Techno classics like Willaris K and the newly world renowned Skin On Skin, as the opener in 2021 and as the main support for his sold out Brisbane leg of the homecoming tour in 2022. As Romi grows as a performer, Romi is sharing the decks with some of Australia's finest talents not only supporting but also standing out amongst the skill and hype.


Date: Sunday 4th December 2022

Time: from 4pm

Artist: Siena Hart & Tom Bartsch

Sounds from: Romiindahouse

Venue: O'Skulligans | Free entry



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