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LOOK: Summer Hiskens-Ravest with Isadora Chadeaux

The first Sunday of every month, LOOK invites you to the opening event of our exhibition program. Our fourth exhibition explores the work of Summer Hiskens-Ravest and Isadora Chadeaux. Through a convergence of sound and visual, together these artists will continue LOOK’s exhibition program which seeks to create a cooperative space for artists and DJs to expand Meanjin’s creative community and share in a stimulating experience.


Summer Hiskens-Ravest (she/her) is a Chilean-Australian Artist based in Meanjin, working on Jagera and Turrbal Land. Summer works across a diverse range of tactile and electronic mediums, such as Printmaking, Textiles, Illustration, Oil Painting, Photography, and Digital Manipulation. Their practice explores experimental modes of production, relying heavily on chance, and the disruption of traditional techniques.


Isadora Chadeaux ("Is A Door A Shadow?”) (they/them) is an out-of-practice drag artist, pantomiming the entanglement of DJing from the shadows of industrialised dancefloors. They run 'Trainwreck', named after the ordinarily undesirable moment as a DJ mixes in clashing rhythms or off-key tracks together. Instead the night hones in on navigating the discomfort of listening through these labyrinthian walls of noise that can surround moments and offer a hand to hold as we shift gears to orient along the threads of potentiality. First-time (as well as last-time) DJs precariously veer off the tracks of conventional mixing routes to explore queerer corners and move across the matrix of rhythms metaphysical grounds. They leave in their wake, mess and rubble as beautiful sonic vignettes that capture the intense sensory realism of the clash and its allusion to our deeply rooted enmeshment to each other.


Date: Sunday September 4th 2022

Time: from 4pm

Artist: Summer Hiskens-Ravest

Sounds from: Isadora Chadeaux

Venue: O'Skulligans | Free entry



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