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LOOK: Micah Rustichelli with Girls in Hats

Every month, LOOK invites you to the opening event of our exhibition program. The fifth instalment of the program explores the work of Micah Rustichelli and Girls in Hats. Through a convergence of sound and visual, together these artists will continue LOOK’s exhibition program which seeks to create a cooperative space for artists and DJs to expand Meanjin’s creative community and share in a stimulating experience.


Micah Rustichelli (they/them), has worked across forms of performance and visual arts since 2012. From 2016, Micah has focussed on developing their visual language and painting practice, resulting in a number of exhibitions and collections. More recently, Micah has combined their creative histories to include performance and movement-based work back into their visual arts practice. Interweaving art historical references, overt queerness, eroticism and explorations of body and self; Micah’s work is layered with meaning and use of mediums.


Girls in Hats is the DJ project of Meanjin (Brisbane) based Naomi McKenzie (she/her). Since her debut appearance in 2019, Naomi has captured Brisbane’s music scene with her vivacious and colourful presence. From meditative melodies to romping drum beats, Naomi’s ever-evolving soundscapes are delicately woven together with a love for the art of music, a dedication to the crowd, and a trademark delivery which is playful and contagious. After a break from the scene, a keenness for future opportunities and the launch of her gorgeous podcast, Fur Radio, mark her return.


Date: Monday October 3rd 2022

Time: from 4pm

Artist: Micah Rustichelli

Sounds from: Girls in Hats

Venue: O'Skulligans | Free entry



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