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Disposables: Moses Gunn Collective

Well, well, well… If it isn’t Brisbane’s favourite neo-psych rock, pop, happy dream fairies Moses Gunn Collective. After a huge year in 2015, the band recently embarked on their first national tour of the year playing shows in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne. We gave them a disposable camera to take with them so you suckers can see what went on during their tour.


You guys had quite a big year last year, with Falls Festival, the release of the debut album Mercy Mountain, Jungle Love Festival and recently an Australian tour which included a sold out Brisbane show. What have been your favourite highlights with the band so far?

Probably a lot of the things you just mentioned actually! It's also been great touring Australia more often and spending time in all our beautiful cities. Playing some real vibin shows, meeting amazing people, making stupid films on tour and simply writing new songs are always highlights.

What was the reception like at the other stops on the tour? Did any bands you played with or shows stand out as favourites?

The reception was surprisingly good seeing as we haven't released anything since the album tour.. I guess the record is getting around and doing it's job to make people feel good. It's nice to know people are digging it. We were lucky to bring along our country heathen cousins The Family Jordan which is always a treat, Noire and Top Lip were especially tasty.

What made you decide to choose the Ladely Farm House for the recording of Mercy Mountain and what was the process like and how did it compare to any previous recordings?

We recorded in an empty house high up on a ridge in Ladely, somewhere near Toowoomba. Our clever friends Sam Joseph and Steve Kempmich engineered the baby and we did it with all our own gear. It meant we could do pretty much whatever we wanted, take our time and keep it cheap cheap. We recorded a lot of it live in the same room, a long room with all glass walls that overlooked the valley below. As you can imagine was pretty much perfect and the vibe of those hills is in the album.

When planning out live shows was it ever a problem to translate the sounds from the record to a live setting?

It seems to come off pretty good, we have Grace on keys which helps with the big dreamy synth sounds and then Lowis on lead guitar does some crazy shit I don't know what he's doing or how he does it. It's also a lot louder live, we also dance n prance around and wear fancy suits which seems to bedazzle people into enjoyment.

I know that you guys are involved with other projects as well as MGC, do you find it hard to balance it all?

It was pretty confusing at first but we've got a good thing going now, just whack your dates in google calendar and hope those dates are free! But playing in different groups keeps things fresh for everyone and they all help each other along. It's quite pleasant really.

What have you got planned that fans can get excited for this year?

A new album, lots of gigs, silly dance moves, good laughs, and a very special super-secret project that we can't quite tell you about just yet.

Check out the photos of the tour below...


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