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Disposables: Good Boy

Alike many of our favourite locals, Good Boy began as an idea at a house party with the hopes of making good music and supporting their mates. From the hazy rooms and rickety floors of Taringa to an incredibly toe tapping EP and an impressive East Coast tour, Good Boy has firmly cemented themselves in the hearts of many around Australia. Their EP titled No Love For Back Home is an absolute cracker with this trio, consisting of Rian King (Vocals/Bass), Tom Lindeman (Guitar) and Stu McKenzie (Drums) sure to be sticking around for quite some time. This 6 track EP wraps up fan favourites Waste Days or Ease Your Temper and Transparency and compliments them with four other brilliant tracks that you're sure to get stuck in your melon. From the malevolence and uncertainty of Punch to the Gut to the pure enjoyment radiating from Higher this EP is a beautiful homage to some very relatable themes.

We gifted the Good Boy's with a disposable camera to take with them on their tour and sat down with Tom Lindeman to discuss how he's feeling post-release and what adventures this tour bought with


Your EP No Love For Back Home has been on repeat in my house at the moment, how are you guys feeling now that it's out there? We’re pretty happy to finally have it out. It feels like we’ve been sitting on it for a while so it’s nice to actually have a collective group of songs out there. The title of the EP is an obvious throwback to your home town of Bundy, are you a fan of ginger beer/rum and do you all have the same collective opinion on the place? I think we all have a different view of the place. There are aspects of our home town that we love and of course there are parts that we don’t enjoy. One thing that we all agree on is that it’s not a place where a bands and musicians can thrive. In saying that, there are some pretty sweet bands in Bundaberg (like Young Dingoes). How did you guys enjoy the tour? What was your favourite leg?

Tour was sweet! We played some different venues and some different towns this time around so it was nice to play in front to some new audiences. For me (Tom), my favourite leg was Brisbane. But I think that’s a given. Other than Brisbane, Wollongong and Sydney were awesome. Who did you enjoy playing with and who would you highly recommend? Tempura Nights and These Guy are some of our favourite bands in Brisbane so it was pretty rad to play with those guys. In Wollongong we played with Crepes and The Murlocs. I’d never seen either of those bands but MAN I’m glad I did. You dudes had a huge year with Laneway and the love from Triple J, how's that effected things? It's helped us a lot in getting our music heard by wider audiences. I love seeing people that I know in the crowd at gigs but Laneway was a bit of a shock when I saw so many unfamiliar faces. It was good feeling. Now the tour is finished are you guys ready to chill out for a bit or will we be expecting some more goodness? Mate, we’re heading into the studio tomorrow to start tracking the next EP. So na, no chill.


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