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Scott & Charlene's Wedding (solo)

Scott & Charlene's Wedding is not a wedding band. Real-life drama / humour / sadness / big stories / small stories and love presented in the form of a pub rock band that wanted to be The Go-Betweens but was a little too messy. 


It has been a while since the band returned to Brisbane and this trip will be in solo form of Craig Dermody, a front bar story telling specialist reaching deep into the 15 year back catalogue. Old songs like Footscray Station and Scrambled Eggs mixed in with new material performed on guitar, piano and pop backing tracks, maybe some covers and cameos too.


Sounds like a wedding band. We actually do play weddings too. Everyone loves weddings. Excited for this show!

Catch Scott & Charlene's Wedding on the 1st of October at GRAIN's Birthday Weekender.
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