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Review/Gallery: Glass Animals

Photography by Robbie Atkin-Robertson

Since the release of their debut album Zaba, Glass Animals have played some very notable shows and festivals around the world gaining a fairly prominent fan base. Now, two years later, the Oxford band are back with their new single Life Itself from the forthcoming sophomore album, How To Be A Human Being. On Thursday the 7th of July, the British indie rockers blessed The Triffid with an electrifying set stacked with bone rattling bass.


The atmosphere at The Triffid saw a room full of people ready to cut some shapes and an opening set from Lastlings ensured that the stage was set. The room was absolutely packed to the rafters and soon after Lastlings had finished warming this capacity crowd up, the room quickly became a sea of bopping heads. If a body wasn't moving, then it wasn't paying attention.

Glass Animals lead man Dave Bayley instantly had the crowd wrapped around his finger like a Helter Skelter starting off strong with their new banger Life Itself. Honestly, when I say the bass was bone rattling this is not an exaggeration, I felt the music in every inch of my body and their fusion of indie synth pop and thumping drums matched with a great lighting show made for an exciting performance.

Since their release of Zaba back in 2014, eclectic crowds from around the world have eagerly awaited for more tunes and tour dates and for a British band with limited releases, Glass Animals easily sold out The Triffid.

Front man and producer Dave Bayley has recently stated that much has changed for the band and their maturity is encapsulated through their new music. The band are still in the final stages of producing the remaining tracks for How To Be A Human Being and if it's anything like what we've heard in the past, I'm sure the Oxford boys will be selling out a Brisbane show again very soon.


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