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Photographs and words by Seamus Platt

Loose Tooth

Loose Tooth’s set was as equally as amazing as their banter, their video clips and their entire album. Basically if you haven’t had Keep Up on rotation for the last few weeks you’re blowing it. Still regretting not seeing them more than once during BIGSOUND.



I cried, and I feel like pretty much everyone I was with did too. Absolutely stunning. Elizabeth had the whole of Black Bear Lodge shook. I am a big fan of Totally Mild as well, and the song-writing in both acts is incredible and moving. Big mood.



I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Candy quite a few times over the last few months which has been SO nice. It seems like every show gets better and better. Start listening to Candy now cause they’re about to explode and you’ll be able to say you liked Candy before they were popular. Mark my words: Candy are the next big thing.


Jade Imagine

I saw Jade Imagine twice? Maybe three times? I feel like I don’t really remember much because I was so sucked in every time. SO good far out. Get on their EP if you aren’t already. Get ready for Jade Imagine cause here they come ok.



Sunscreen never disappoint, even after flying in to Brisbane with guitars that refuse to tune. Sunscreen played a few official and unofficial shows during BIGSOUND and walked away with a very well deserved wad of cash from the Levi’s unofficial party. Excited for Sunscreen to release the new material they played at BIGSOUND as well. Sunscreen bringing in those sweet, breezy, Sydney vibes.


Sweater Curse

My sweet, sweet sweaties. Basically, if you aren’t familiar with their songs then get ready because they’re all about to get stuck in your head. Holding it down for Brisbane during BIGSOUND, my favourite band, sweater curse.



Kaiit’s showcase on Wednesday was the busiest I’ve seen the Brightside ever let alone during BIGSOUND. Everyone on stage and in the crowd were having SO much fun. Kaiit and I had a little back and forth in the crowd at Kwame. The kind where you go to give way to each other but also go to walk. We both had a chuckle. Not ONLY does she write amazing music, she also seems SO nice. A new fave of mine.


Imbi The Girl

Not going to lie, Imbi was the artist I was most excited to see this year and oh my god they did not disappoint. Their voice is incredible, and stage presence is out of this world. Before Imbi got stuck into their set they placed a thermos of hot water and a bottle of Capilano honey at the base of their mic stand, acknowledged the traditional owners of the land, and proceeded to ask everyone in the audience to pay each other the respect they deserved. Honestly this is how it should be. Imbi took us through their seamless set (with local legend Dameeeela as DJ), swigging hot water and honey from their respective bottles between each song. Imbi put their body on the line to deliver such a good set and for that I am so grateful. Everyone keep your eyes and ears peeled for Imbi this month, as they’re about to drop an EP and tour as a part of Listen Out.


Miss June

Miss June asked if anyone in the crowd was a Scorpio while I was up the front, I put my hand up and said yeah. She told me to ‘fuck off’ or ‘fucking leave’ or something along those lines. Either way Miss June taught me not to gloat about being Scorpio. Also the band is really good.



On day 3 I FINALLY saw RAAVE TAPES and god what a band. Not only does their music GO, they’re also such amazing people. Before their song SUDS, Joab told the crowd the song was about calling out your mates when they’re being shit people. They had a packed Crowbar on their toes, jumping during their whole set, but especially when they wrapped things up with ‘k bye.’ RAAVE TAPES music is so nice and really important, go listen to it right now.



To be honest, I’d never listened to Kwame before, but I DID know he’d been blowing up. Come day 3 and I didn’t have too much locked in for the evening, so I was asking around about what others had planned. Uhmmm almost EVERYONE said they were winding up their evenings with Kwame. Let me just say, like everyone else has, Kwame quite literally shut BIGSOUND down (on his 21st birthday FYI???). The power stopped halfway through one of his songs. Kwame has bars and a huge stage presence. I really hope you were all on the Kwame train before me because there’s no way but up for him.


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