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Good Boy at Falls Festival

Our photographer Robbie Atkin-Robertson went down South to Lorne to accompany Brisbane favourites, Good Boy, for their biggest show to date at Falls Festival. Here is the full gallery from their trip and some words from the band.


Top 3 performances?

Rian: Parquet Courts, Dumb Punts and The Avalanches

Tom/Stu: Parquet Courts, Pond and Bernard Fanning


Rian: Biggest highlight was the miso soup from the gyoza stand every morning when it was freezing and I was hungover.

Tom/Stu: Meeting the man, the legend Bernard Fanning, Working on our short game/playing golf in the artist area and accidentally Punching stu in the face while attempting to show our manager Dom my air drumming skills during Pond

Weirdest Moment?

Rian: Everyday when I woke up comfortable and feeling fresh

Tom/Stu: Taking the courtesy bus to the festival and Poverty Line comes on the radio and people start singing at you.

Advice to anyone wanting to attend next year?

Rian: Take a good yellow raincoat (they are very stylish), take a frozé machine and whatever you do eat some goddamn kofta balls from the Hare Krishna joint.

Tom/Stu: Buy food other than Shapes. We love Shapes, don't get us wrong, but after your 3rd or 4th box you start to think 'man I'd love something other than Shapes'.


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