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Written by Brodie Popple

The last time we saw Loose Tooth was BIGSOUND 2016, which was a special year for us as it was our first BIGSOUND as GRAIN. It was truly a great week of discovery and firsts; first time seeing bands like Totally Mild, These New South Whales, Hideous Sun Demon and of course, Loose Tooth. Since my first interview with Etta and Nelly, the girls as well as Bassist/Guitarist/Keys player and vocalist Luc Dawson, have been on one hell of a journey.

After the release of their debut EP, Saturn Returns, this trio of incredibly gifted mates have been around the country and beyond, supporting Courtney Barnett on her most recent tour. Now back on home soil, Loose Tooth are preparing for the release of their debut album Keep Up. The release of the first single Keep On gives a beautiful insight into the uplifting vocals and catchy hooks that we can expect from this upcoming release, due August 3rd. Citing influence from the holy trinity of soul, country and Eddy Current, the debut LP will certainly capture the hearts of many music lovers from the storied shores of St Kilda to the hustle and bustle of London.

We had a yarn with Etta/Nelly about this upcoming release, the incredible music video for Keep On and of course the five songs that made them the wonderful people they are today:

First and foremost I must know, how did you create such a wonderfully bright, vibrant and dynamic music video for Keep On? A tank, a fire truck, a plane ride, it's all very fun and very intriguing.

Ah shucks! Well, it was all very real, shot on film, and we ran up a lot of miles over those few days running around to different places and up in the sky.

Danny Cohen directed the video. He is a long time collaborator of ours and this is the second clip he has shot for us. It is his eye and talent that created such intrigue. He is a bit mad, which we like, because we are a bit mad. Its pretty cool that he can say ‘lets get you in a tank’ and none of us flinch.

The new album is like sunshine in a bottle and I cant wait for everyone to hear it. When was most of this album written and where did you record?

Thank you! These songs were written over about 2-3 years. As soon as we finished recording Saturn Returns. We all contributed songs to this record, we collaborated a lot and wrote together. It was quite a team effort. We recorded it at Head Gap studios in Preston with Finn Keane, and the record was mixed by Anna Laverty who is a wizard.

You spent a lot of time in Europe and the UK playing support to Courtney Barnett recently, how did the crowds react to the music?

Great! It was an amazing tour, and an amazing opportunity for Court to take us around Europe. Our first time playing there, and it was an absolute dream. It was amazing playing to packed out venues of up to 3000 a night! Everyone turned up early and bought merch, so I think they liked it!

What's your most treasured memory from this time of your life?

*cue emotional music

Spending time with my best friends …. as well as traveling through Europe, we took song writing weekends away and just general touring and shows. Having fun adventures with your best friends is really fun.

Since releasing Saturn Returns, we haven't seen you up our way, what have you been up to aside from preparing your next release?

We’ve been laying low in one way, by not playing too many shows of our own, but we have been very busy! We played End of The Line festival last year in Brissy which was fun! Apart from that, we just got back from a European tour supporting Courtney Barnett for her album release, last year we went on Up the Guts, which was a regional rock’n’roll tour through the centre of Oz; we drove from Melbourne to Darwin with 3 other bands (Dumb Punts, Neighbourhood Youth & a house band made up of members from Scott & Charlenes Wedding, Big Scary & the Pretty Littles), and of course preparing for Keep Up has been quite mammoth. People don't really talk about how much work and effort goes into actually making an album. Its hard! I’m jealous of those people that can just churn them out easily & quickly while maintaining their jobs!

You have your launch show at The Howler on the 25th of August with the album dropping a few weeks prior to that. Will we be seeing your lovely faces in Brisbane around this time?

Yes! We are playing at BIGSOUND this year so will be back in the sunny state then. We love Brisbane so if anyone reading this wants to offer us some shows, get in contact! haha


Song 1:


​Who it's by:


​When you first got into it:

My dad was a huge music nut. He used to make me mixed tapes with fun music I’d like, a lot of ska, rock steady, soul and weird stuff like Camp Granada which was later featured on the Simpsons. This was an 80s Soca song. I remember listening to it with the windows down driving through St Kilda (where I grew Up) singing along in the back seat.

What it means to you:

It brings me back to my childhood. Its fun and light and very 80s.

Why its stuck with you:

I found this record recently and had a listen to it and it brought me straight back. A song I hadn't heard for about 25 years. I was going to bring it out when I was DJing at a festival recently, but my DJ partner Tilly said "NO WAY!” Maybe its a really bad song? I’m not sure? I think I’m just attached to it in some weird Freudian way?

Song 2:

For Your Precious Love

Who it's by:

Linda Jones

When you first got into it:

I remember first hearing this song in high school and being floored by it. It started my love of gospel inspired deep soul.

What it means to you:

It goes pretty deep. It is one of those songs that make you feel a lot of things.

Why its stuck with you:

What a voice. Between the spoken word, and the falsetto squeals. The desperation is very real. Don't listen to this after a break up, it might send you over the edge!

Song 3:

High & Wild

Who it's by:

Angel Olsen

When you first got into it:

When this record, Burn Your Fire For No Witness came out in 2004.

What it means to you:

This was my favourite record of 2014, and is still one of my favourite records today. I’m a complete fan girl and she is the only person I’ve ever asked for an autograph from.

Why its stuck with you:

I love Angel's voice, this song is probably my favourite from the album but they are all amazing. Plus she is an absolute babe.

Song 4:

Don't Vote

Who it's by:

Cass McCombs

When you first got into it:

I got into Cass when Humour Risk came out. He was an artist that I really related to I suppose and discovered the back catalogue. I love most things he has done.

What it means to you:

I love Cass McCombs' sound. He is very mesmerising live, and has probably been the only artist who I have enjoyed watching ‘jam.’

Why its stuck with you:

That breezy, McCombs style is memorable.

Song 5:

I’m Your Man

Who it's by:


When you first got into it:

This song was just released, so recently!

What it means to you:

I loved it when I heard it. I Shazamed it even… I feel a bit silly because I never really listened to Spiritulized before that. I always thought they were a minimalist electro band. I was so wrong!

Why its stuck with you:

It’s always great to have a gateway song to open you up to the back catalogue of a new artist.


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