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Disposables: Luca Brasi

Tasmanian legends Luca Brasi are fast becoming one of Australia's more recognisable bands within the punk scene. This was very evident at the last stop of their fully sold-out Australian tour at Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane where the band played a tirelessly punchy set filled with Tom Busby's trademarked intricate riffs and Tyler Richardson's unmistakeable vocals. The crowd was one of the most energetic I have experienced. One lucky punter was even knocked out after being dropped on his head in the middle of the crammed mosh pit.

Gnarly. Anywho, we asked Luca Brasi to take some photos of their Aeroplane tour and asked them a few questions. Have a read below...


Have there been any personal highlights on this tour?

To be honest everything about this tour has been insane, to sell out an entire tour with your best mates is fucken incredible. Could not be more stoked.

Favourite stop on the tour?

Oh man, I know everyone says it but it's gotta be going home to play shows, totally insane. Brisbane has gotta be up there with one of the wilder ones though for sure.

How would you describe the punk scene in Australia?

Growing. It's so amazing to see your mate's bands on killer tours and hear them on the radio; seeing the recognition happening is just the best thing ever.

What would your top 5 bands from Tasmania be?

The bands that I saw from 16 til now that had the most influence on me would have to be:

The Scandal, Ballpoint, Stand Defiant, Your Demise and Speech Patterns

Favourite band/record as a kid?

I'd have to say when I first fell in love with punk rock that Hot Water Music totally opened my eyes. Still my favourite band of all time.

It seems you have a very public relationship with The Smith Street Band, is there much meaning behind their song Tom Busby?

They're just legends, we've been mates for a long time. Tom actually showed Wil that guitar tuning used in the song at my house in Launceston a long while back; hence the name.

You mentioned you were releasing an album this year, when can we expect it, and what else do you have planned for this year?

You can expect it in May! SO stoked to have this coming out. Basically just a lot of touring, some super exciting stuff that I wish iI could talk about haha.

See the polaroids from Luca Brasi's Aeroplane tour in the photo gallery below Listen to Luca Brasi's latest single 'The Cascade Blues' here.


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