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Disposables: Chastity Belt

Written by Charles Lawrence

Photograph by Max Orchard-Fox

Seattle's Chastity Belt were in Australia not too long ago. While they were here we thought it would be a fun idea to say "hey what's up?" and to give them a disposable camera to document their tour.


Hey what's up guys?

Not much you know, just in Australia we are happy to be here and happy to hold koalas today.

So you’ve never been to Australia before, what expectations do you have and how do you think they will react to your music?

I feel like all the Australians I have met really like to party, so hopefully it will be a lot of fun. But basically no expectations, no regrets is what I say.

It’s better with no expectations, you can take whatever comes.

And you are releasing a new album soon, will you be showcasing any of that on this tour?

We will definitely play some new songs but we are going to try not to play too many new songs just because no one has heard them yet.

What can we expect from it? Is it going to be as different as Time to Go Home was from No Regerts?

I don’t think it is quite as different as our first 2 albums, but it is definitely different

we are just growing and changing as musicians you know?

Claudia has another song, there is a song where Lydia sings and I play guitar so that is fun.

There are more guitar pedals.

All of your songs have lots of feminist and sex-positive themes, was that an intention when you first started the band? To have those messages conveyed?

I mean, I don’t think we really spoke about our intentions we just kind of did it. There is a lot of what we want and what we want to say, but it just kind of happened.

Maybe in the context of writing our first songs in college and that’s what seemed relevant.

That was what we were so frustrated about too.

Now it is almost like, I almost don’t even want to go in that direction anymore because that is what people expect of us. I don’t want to be labelled a “feminist band” because I want more than that. Even though we are all feminist I don’t think we want to be labelled in that category.

There was an magazine that published an interview with Julia and misquoted everything and said something like “we just like to write songs about drinking beers and kissing boys”.

Is there anything you are particularly keen to do while in Australia?

We went to the zoo today and got to hug koalas. We have also gone swimming which was nice.

I want to go to some of the thrift shops or Op Shops as you call them. I heard there are some nice ones around.

We want to master the lingo..

Is it hard? Surely it isn’t too bad I mean can you understand everyone?

Well sometimes not its mostly easy, but there are some words like… ‘daggy’ I love that word now. What does ‘Bonza’ mean? like a bonza birthday?

I don’t really know, I think they are implying a party? It’s like saying ‘Struth’ but then what does Struth mean? who knows…

Oh yeah I don’t know…


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