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100% are Chloe Blackwood (Cannon), Grace Stevenson (Rebel Yell) and Lena Molnar (Bloodletter), a synthpop trio from Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia. A band conceived as means of necessity in 2014, 100% have been doing luxe on their terms from the start. From playing back to back DIY shows, to headlining tours, they have always held their cards close to their chest. Having been locked down and separated for years, with Clear Visions, their debut record (out through It Records in 2022), you are invited back into their world.


Previously, the world that 100% dreamt of seemed far away - one of science fiction fantasy, a futuristic yet familiar warning. In Clear Visions, they recall these ideas now as memories, finding them to be more intimate, realised, and consequential. Chloe and Grace work together to compose synths that unfold between pulsing bass and driving beats to push and pull, while reminding the listener why they showed up. As always, there’s a knowing comfort, and a cynicism to the lyrics of 100%. Lena's words toy with the ideas of collective and personal experiences, reflecting heavily on those close to her.

Catch 100% on the 1st of October at GRAIN's Birthday Weekender.
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