Written by Chris Langenberg

Brisbane band Twin Haus have announced they will be launching their second EP, Nothing Lavish, on April the 1st at the Woolly Mammoth.

The 4-piece's high reputation has recently seen them play at The Festival of The Sun, a headline slot at the Triffid's sold out Pink Floyd Tribute show, a show with Canadian outfit Viet Cong and are playing at the Mountain Goat Valley Crawl (this Saturday 27th of February). Nothing Lavish will be the bands long awaited follow up to their critically acclaimed debut EP, Waxen Myriad (2014). We have been told that the upcoming 4 - track EP features some of, if not the, best work Twin Haus have ever created. Focussing on sonic journeys, the tracks are expansive, rich, meticulous and matured.


I had a chat to singer and guitarist Dan Grima about the making of Nothing Lavish and what else we can expect from the EP.

Twin Haus at the Brightside with Viet Cong : Photographed by Robbie Atkin-Robertson

If January and February is anything to go by, I’m expecting a big year from Twin Haus.  What have you been up to and what can you tell me about your plans for 2016 so far?

Played some shows, tracked some new music, spent a bunch of time rehearsing and wasted even more time than all of it combined.


Any tours planned?

A small national run for the EP, which starts on April 1.


I saw an interview you did at the Festival of the Sun and you mentioned that this EP is going to be a bit different to Waxen Myriad. Is the latest single ‘I Used To Think’ a good representation of the vibe of the EP or can we expect something completely new?

I mean, yeah it sits quite comfortably in the context of the EP, but tones come and go often enough to keep things moving I think. I hope, anyway. It's definitely an elaboration on major characteristics of the band's sound, although I'm not sure it would be particularly unfamiliar from what Waxen Myriad had to offer.


Can you tell us much about the recording process? 

We did all the tracking live, at Bedlam Records with Steve Kempnich. His wizardry allowed us to capture the sounds that we wanted really well. After tracking and production we worked with Tim, who has done our previous releases, who mixed the whole EP.


What is the writing process like? There are lots of jammy sections in previous material, do you usually get into a room and jam or does someone usually bring a substantial idea to the group?

Mmm no, mostly always jamming.


Have you been sitting on these new songs for a while or did you sort of get together and write them all in one hit before recording?

We've been playing I Used to Think live for a good while, and have teased some shorter versions of the songs at a show or two but I think things will be fairly fresh for people who have been following any live dates.


I heard that you have asked a couple of artists to do visual representations of the songs from the upcoming EP, who are the artists and can you tell us a bit more about the concept?

Ahh, we've been very fortunate to collaborate with four quite incredible artists that we are very fond of from around the place. Yuli Serfaty has collaborated with us on the first track from the EP, all the way from London. Three more friends to follow now as the track list goes on, Adri, Sophie and Marija. The idea was to collaborate with all four artists as they created an interpretive artwork for each track on the EP - it's turned out really quite nice, we're so stoked to have worked with them.


Listen to Twin Haus' latest single I Used to Think off the upcoming EP Nothing Lavish below.