Written by Chris Langenberg



This afternoon in Brisbane was dark, rainy and on the verge of storm. I was driving home with the air conditioning slightly too cold and imagined the cold, dark and rainy environment was the best possible way to listen to the new record Collapse from Melbourne/Tasmanian based band, Sleep Decade. This is the second LP from the band with the first, titled Into Spinning Lights coming out back in 2012. 

The delicacy of the softly played instruments and the intentional slowness of each song really gives off an intimate feeling. But also gives an emotion I can't exactly describe. I have been waiting to hear this record for an extremely long time and feel like everything on Collapse is exactly how I imagined it was going to be and beyond. I knew the album was going to be extremely special and I had an idea of how the songs were going to sonically sound, but every time I listen to this I am blown away with how incredibly beautiful each track is. I feel like I could speak about this record forever but I know that everyone is going to have a different emotional response. Some of my top picks from the record include Transparent, Bind Particles and First Leaves

The way that the second song Transparent transitions into full swing via the intro of the first track is seamless. This track heads into lots of different sonic territories through the change of instrumentation and sections. In parts, it almost seems like Transparent is loosely arranged but everything falls into place in exactly the right times. No section is overplayed, no section is underdone. Transparent features a wide range of soundscapes built from delays and brass sections. Bind Particles was the first single from the record and is probably the most easily approachable if you are listening to Sleep Decade for the first time. The clever use of instrumentation throughout each section and the amazing production skills really makes this song a highlight from the record. First Leaves features a catchy drum beat that carries throughout the majority of the song which helps tie the ever changing arrangement together. This song also features some of my favourite lyrics from the album. Singer Casey's lyrics are so literal I can picture everything he sings of. It's almost like I am watching a film. 

Sleep Decade are such a special band and their second record Collapse is truly phenomenal. It is out on all streaming platforms today and you can listen to the record below.