Written by Brodie Popple



Everyone loves a good super group and Brisbane has seen there fair share, from the comic relief of Bris 182 to the exciting stylings of Velociraptor, everyone can get behind one. Today we're getting firmly behind Brisbane's newest and most exciting addition to the supergroup club, Total Pace. A conglomeration of some of our city's finest musicians in the form of Tape/Off's Branko Cosic (Drums), DZ Deathrays Simon Ridley (Guitar), Violent Soho's Luke Henery (Bass) and I Heart Hiroshima's Matthew Somers (Vocals/Guitar).


Since the release of their debut track '73' the band have been hard at work organising their debut show and the release of their debut EP, which is simply entitled: "I", indicating the first and hopefully not last record the band will release.  The EP is a homage to D.I.Y., recorded and produced primarily in guitarist Simon Ridley's home studio, with the exception to Branko Cosic's relentless drumming which was recorded by Cameron Smith (Incremental Records). The 5 tracks which make up "I" each also feature Matt Somers' (I Heart Hiroshima) unique upbeat yet aggressive vocal deliveries and Luke Henery's (Violent Soho) classic monster bass performances.  


They say there's three ways to do things; the right way, the wrong way, and the Total Pace way. Check it out now before you get left behind!


Total Pace will perform their first ever show this Thursday night, the 19th of July, at Black Bear Lodge with friends Electric Zebra and Bad Bangers. But for now, find something loud to plug into and enjoy the first taste of Total Pace:


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