Written by Francis Mars

Among forefront of Brisbane’s up and coming generation, The Gametes have landed supports with both international and emerging bands such as Jacuzzi Boys (US) ORB (MEL) and Good Boy (BRIS) within months of forming.



Their unique, absurdist approach to performance has established them as a force to be reckoned with on stage, as the group consistently employs new and exciting performance art techniques.

After their debut EP The Sweat Tapes gaining a release on Brisbane’s Kight Records, and single Stuck on a Turnstile released through UK’s RIP Records, The Gametes are charging into 2018 with the first single from their upcoming album.

Aptly titled Star Surfer IX, the track introduces the storyline of the forthcoming concept album, outlining the star ‘Comet Jones’ flying through space towards an unknown planet, ripe with anxious anticipation.


Producer Ethan Greaves (Good Boy, Jouk Mistrow) adds a hi-fi sheen on the single, highlighting the bands’ instrumental virtuosity and complex song writing. From drastic dynamic and rhythm changes, to ear piecing guitar lines and immersive synth crescendos and effects, the track takes leaps from the independently produced debut EP.

The Gametes will be launching Star Surfer IX on January 27th at Bloodhound Bar in Fortitude Valley, with an album following later in the year.

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