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Written by Tara Williams



Some more exciting stuff for you from us at Grain, we’re stoked to be premiering Melbourne trio Suss Cunts track 10 years from their newest EP Temper, which is set to be released on 27th of April via Hysterical Records.

Following in the wake of their debut self-titled EP, Temper will is surely set to make waves. Since Suss Cunts conception in 2015, Tahlia Eastman, Nina Renee and Helena Holmes have brought us a cacophony of spoken-word, punk-rock, Ramones/Runaways- esque tunes, and 10 Years is no exception. With it’s consistent, driving rhythm and laughably relatable lyrics, it’s sure to get your heads banging and fists pumping (or feet tapping if you’re secretly rocking out to this one with your headphones on in the office).

It’s hard to ignore the little hint of ‘f*** you’ engrained into Suss Cunts' lyrics, often laced with pro-feminist kick ass undertones, which ignites a general feeling of relatability and unity with the ladies, for anyone who’s ever been screwed over in life (and let’s be real, that’s all of us right?).

If you wanna catch these fierce ladies un-apologetically powerful live performance, be sure to get yourself down to WetFest IV, at Howler Bar, Melbourne on the 21st of April, and I’d be booking that session with your chiropractor for the following day because there is some serious rocking out to be done. While you're at it, don't forget to clear your schedules for the 27th, because Temper is gonna need your full attention.


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