Written by Monica Sottile
Photograph & Artwork by Madeline Randall



Brisbane four-piece Start Together are about to release yet another unique and intriguing single, ‘Az Nem Várhat.’ This band has released some of the most interesting, fuzzy, glittery music that is an incredibly satisfying mix of shoe-gaze and DIY punk.


The punchy drums, glittery guitars, and low but intense vocals create an immersive and compelling story/feeling about something that I can’t quite put my finger on – something nostalgic perhaps. The song reminds me either of being a child when everything is exciting and scary at the same time; or of when the reality of growing up sinks in and gets too real – but in a nice way somehow. Nostalgia for a time that was tricky but in retrospect was important. You know?


I tried to look up what the song title meant to get a little bit of insight into any potential meaning, and what I found was a Google Translation from (detected) Hungarian to English. “Az Nem Várhat” apparently means “it can’t sew.” I’m not sure if that is correct or even has any bearing on the song but it’s a fun fact.


Do your ears a favour and go and listen to this absolute hit, which was recorded at Incremental records, mixed by the band’s very own Demetry Malahoff, and mastered by Mikey Young.


See the new single live THIS Friday the 2nd of August at Black Bear Lodge as a co-headline show with Adelaide’s best babies Paradise Club.

* Editors note: 'Az Nem Várhat' actually means "It can't wait"


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