Photograph by Seamus Platt



Straight off the back of their impressive single Being Born, today we premiere new music from Brisbane post-punk, shoegaze band, Start Together. The new single 9617 GrahamChapman shows an ulterior sound from the Brisbane quartet. The new single is a more sedate, reflective track that follows a gorgeous journey of guitar driven soundscapes that are certainly not to be understated.

On the writing and recording process of the new track, front person Gerard Lawrence explains, “This is the third song we’ve released from a group of recordings done over a few sessions at our drummer’s house in Mt. Glorious and our guitarist's home studio last year. I wrote 9617 very quickly before a practice, and the band had the full arrangement done in only a couple of hours. The song was written shortly after my grandma’s passing, and my time spent with her was very much on my mind when piecing the music together. The lyrics, which are all Monty Python lines, are channelling a fond memory of us watching The Life of Brian together one night when she was babysitting me. The title is taken from the asteroid named after the lead actor in that film.”

9617 GrahamChapman is also the first film clip the band have released. Collaborating with Sydney based artist Tessa Rex, who was living in the Canadian territory of Yukon at the time. “The imagery,” Gerard says “gives a sense of remoteness to the music emphasising the cold, almost stifled vocal delivery, and the space made by the sparse, slow arrangement. Tessa has a great eye for composition, and was just messing around with filming the snowy landscapes where she was living when we contacted her, and once I saw those few bits and pieces I knew it was perfect for the emotion we were aiming for. And I also hate being filmed, so this was the only way I was going to do a film clip for one of our songs.”

In support of 9617 GrahamChapman Start Together are putting on their first headlining show along with Terra Pines and Lying Down at The Bloodhound Bar on Saturday October 6th. Limited tickets are available through Oztix.


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