Photograph by Seamus Platt
Simi Lacroix, Brisbane, Seamus Platt



Brisbane's beloved 80's poster boy, Simi Lacroix, today unleashes his latest effervescent pop refreshment "Eyez On Tha Prize (Best Love)".

After the trash humping Renaissance Man and frankly francophilic La Fausse Chanson d’Amour comes the final song born out of a creative spurt Simi experienced during the Autumn months of 2017 in Vancouver, Canada.

A bouncy, sugary, somewhat 2000's electronic pop vibe permeates the track, contrasting with Lacroix's usual fare yet still containing that synth-heavy giddy, tongue-in-cheek feel we all know and love.

Explaining the track, Simi says - “The underlying message of Eyez On Tha Prize (Best Love) is about trying to block out all the noise in the world, whether internal or external, and concentrate on building something special with someone you really like. I think it’s important we all keep our Eyez On Tha Prize and allow ourselves to love and be loved, in whatever form that may take."

Accompanying the premiere today is a good-time Brisbane-centric film clip shot by local videographer Tyler Sajko, who also helmed Simi's "Runnin" as well as videos for These Guy

Simi Lacroix launches Eyez On Tha Prize (Best Love) with a full live band at The Zoo on Saturday July 28th with support from S>c>r>a>p>s, Disco Indians and DJ Treffene (BTHC).


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