Shady Bliss have long been gracing the stage as a four piece ensemble, credited with their complete disregard of genre - the Genre spanners, if you will.  Combining elements and influence from across the globe to produce a nuanced, playful sound that leaves a sense of euphoria. Their live show offers an effortlessly energetic display of passionate, refined, almost ethereal performance at times.  After their previous release, Perceptions, was well received, Morgan, Chrissy, Brayden and Lewi thought it a good idea to add a couple more names to their lineup.  The addition of Andrew Thomson (The Medics/Surfin’ Bird) on guitar, and Ellen Hockings backing vocals/percussion sees them on the verge of an ambitious debut album this semester.  We are excited to premiere the band's new single Hustlers. Check out upcoming tour dates for Shady Bliss below.