Written by Amber Ramsay



We are here to bring you Brisbane based Milow Pye's latest release Favourite Flower and honestly if songs were flowers… this would have to be my favourite. The seemingly light yet melancholy slow burn beauty is accompanied by a bracing music video, falling hand in hand with the tracks raw and comforting DIY approach to an intimate showcase of experience and emotion.  Jordan Wearn, who is the eyes and ears behind what we know as Milow Pye, takes us on a candid journey throughout a wholesome day with friends, which seems to capture a sense of deeper meaning despite feeling light and carefree. The super 8 footage paired with such poetic lyrics and light orchestral musical movement makes for a truly well deserved listen and watch.


Favourite Flower follows up swiftly after debut album These Are Private Words Addressed To You In Public released in only October of last year, which had listeners on their toes waiting for whatever comes next. That next release is now on it's way in the form of EP Songs From A Bedroom, another independent delivery from the Brisbane artist.

It's no lie that this track is beautiful, as the low harrowing vocals seeping into all spaces within the track's production really lay an almost bare sense of emotional self-reflection, sugar coated sonically with floating guitar melodies that build the contrast within the instrumentation. The strings begin minimal giving a sense of timelessness and patience to the track before building up and melting into the song's end leaving behind a bittersweet feeling of closure, yet giving the listener a need to listen through again. The track has an honest and clever way of leaving subtle details to reward you for repeat listening, where you can uncover new feelings and flavours within the lightly but intricately layered masterpiece. There's no need to draw assumptions of Milow Pye's predecessors and sound-a-like's when this project is clearly one of those rare moments of sincere originality, and is something Brisbane's music scene is gifted with.


Catch Milow Pye with a full band in Brisbane next month as part of the upcoming East Coast tour:


Brisbane - The Bearded Lady 10/2 / Supports from Alice Headlam / BOY 

Sydney - The Lazybones Lounge 12/2 / Supports from Willy Challis (more TBA) 

Melbourne - Open Studio 13/2 / Supports from Xanadu / Alphington 


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