Written by Fin Marx

Through five years of dedicated hustle in the Brisbane music scene, from honest beginnings in the sparse cultural terrain of Bundaberg to consistently landing well sought spots on lineups at Jungle Love, Bigsound and alongside acts like The Murlocs and The Creases, Jouk Mistrow have solidified themselves as a nihilist, alt rock thorn in the indie pop scene’s soft side. After a few golden single releases this year, the four piece is releasing their long awaited and aptly titled third EP End This Mess. Drawing on their signature Radiohead-meets-DIIV-meets-Portishead sound, the band pushes the envelope into more elongated guitar jams and dynamic modulation in tracks like The Idealist and End This Mess, showcasing their instrumental virtuosity and fresh member addition of guitarist Adam Head. Including a re-release of their 2016 single DEERS, the EP plays out with a beautiful finality, as if the band have taken a long, roundabout journey to land on such a wholesome and standalone piece of music. Each track sets the stage for the next, with both lyricism and tonality contributing to evolving moods of nihilism, stoicism and good old ‘who cares’ rock and roll hedonism. This EP will have you dancing, mourning, punching the wall and, in the end, falling with a feeling of absolute resolution. Ending the mess.