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Written by Brodie Popple
Photograph by Naomi Lee Beveridge

Today is a great day because we've been gifted the ability to premiere Jarrow's music video for his latest garage-pop hit 'Kelp'.



After the release of his debut album 2003 Dream last year, Jarrow (aka Dan Oke) is set to release his sophomore album Expensive Hugs mid-March through Barely Dressed Records and Remote Control. Jarrow started this year on a high with the release of his quirky single Emoji, a song as colourful as it is catchy and now with the release of Kelp, this year is certainly going to be kind to the Footscray based wunderkind.


As the opening track for Expensive Hugs, Kelp sets the tone for an album that promises to be rich in catchy guitar-riff and pop-hooks, with inspiration drawn from classic 90s indie rock and modern day meme culture. The fuzzy tones in the new single are complimented beautifully by the dizzying techniques used throughout the music video. The video is made with an incredible experimental clip using software that links a dozen iPhones together to record simultaneously.


To top everything off and further reinforce just how devoted to his craft Jarrow is, Dan has also landed himself a Wednesday night residency at Melbourne's famous Evelyn Hotel. Featuring artists such as Cool Sounds, Lubulwa, The Finks and Pting, with plenty more to come. Jarrow is expected to make it to Brisbane sometime in the coming months so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for an unmissable set.

When asked about the new single, Dan had this to say, "Kelp is a love song dedicated to exaggerations. So naturally, it made sense to match the track with an equally exaggerated music video. I was approached by Mike Plumridge who came up with the idea of filming a band in 360 degrees while they shredded to their hearts content, and as a massive fan of The Matrix I just couldn't help but say yes. To make this recipe you will need: 16 smartphones, a warehouse in Collingwood, a bike, a smoke machine, my friend Travis, a game of Scrabble and a cardboard cut out of yours truly. Mix it all together and you got a tasty dish indeed."


And here at GRAIN we couldn’t be happier to have this tasty dish on our menu. Check out the clip below, directed by the aforementioned Mike Plumridge.


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