Written by Brodie Popple
Photograph by Tom Carrol

Today's premiere will have you seeing red, but not angry red, a new colour…of red, maybe more of a rose tinted glasses kind of red. 



We're happy to bring to you the first release from Brisbane's newest wunderkind Harmon, the singer songwriter, bedroom producer who has already won plenty of hearts in his short time on the scene. Harmon has been hard at work since he picked up his first instrument, travelling domestically and internationally to forge the beginning of his music career. Now it's 2018 and Harmon is set to have a big year starting strong with the release of his latest pop banger A New Colour. With an equally colourful and energetic music video, A New Colour will undoubtedly be echoing through your thoughts for days and weeks to come.

Harmon recorded and wrote the new single with some help from his Brother Jake Rush in Melbourne with the aim to create a pop song that radiates happiness. Drawing inspiration from daggy love songs reminiscent of the 60's 'bubblegum pop' era, A New Colour bounces joyously between sensations of not feeling good enough and feeling great about love. When speaking with Harmon he stated that "Listening to that era of music made me fall in love with the simple but amazing form of these lame love songs and that is really what compliments the verse chorus structure of the song." "We took a long time mixing it all so all the words are just gibberish sounds in my head now, so I'm not too sure how over the top it is, but I hope people feel the love radiating from my red jumpsuit."


The music video, filmed and co-produced by Tom Carroll, explores all these qualities in a radiant and very red, setting. Harmon's launch tomorrow night at Black Bear Lodge and with hand picked supports Dopamine and Georgie Neilsen and The Growing Pains, Harmon promises a wholesome night full of fun as well as a hug for anyone who wants it.


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