Written by Hollie Harrison



Are you ready to be taken through time and space and in to a pink, sparkling interdimensional world. We are excited to bring you Great Sage with their latest release and music video, “Something Unknown.”

Formed in late 2018, Brisbane band Great Sage create stimulating electro-psych music. Written, recorded and produced by front man Troy Doolan, the track resembles a spacey outer-world journey filled with electronic sounds, and airy flute solos. Influenced by bands the likes of King Gizzard and MGMT, Great Sage fit perfectly within the jazzy, electro-psych scene. Recreating front man Troy Doolan’s vision for an “Interdimensional travel experience.” Doolan’s vision is wonderfully captured by the videographer behind Pink Matter’s ‘Wonder’ film clip, Trent Holibrook.


He takes you inside the mind of Troy Doolan and perfectly captures the musical concept and shapes it into a reality. Great Sage bring this theatrical resemblance of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ But, in their own way they create this unique hazy, metallic, musically controlled spaceship, that takes them through a psychedelic tunnel, to Something Unknown. Holibrook and Great Sage bring the music alive in the film clip; featuring loads of shiny reflections, spacey costumes, and trippy visuals. 

If you have not yet been introduced to this upcoming Brisbane act before, take the time now to discover the compelling and imaginative new track and clip from psych-jazz outfit Great Sage, with “Something Unknown.”

We hope to continue to see their live performances around Brisbane and hear them push the boundaries with future releases. You can catch Great Sage at GRAIN’s upcoming August edition of SILO headlined by Raave Tapes and joined by Bad Sext.