Written by Fin Marx

Dumb Things couldn’t have released this record at a better time. With Brisbane’s dry heat setting in, relieved only by yellow afternoons and vehement storms, their self-titled debut is a fitting soundtrack for everything from early work starts to cold beers as the sun starts to sink. Written on the front porch of an inner-city share house, the fittingly easygoing guitar lines rust away in one song and are given a fresh lick of paint in the next, reminiscent of Pavement’s early era and much of Beat Happening’s work in the 90s. Cam Smith of Incremental Records minimalist production supports this association, as the much of the record takes a less-is-more approach in the realms of vocal effects, instrumentation and automation. Smith’s work plays beautifully and gives the songs a rough, loveable, identifiably ‘Australian’ feel which I’m sure we’ll struggle to resist this summer. 

From sing along tracks like ‘Dead Leg’ to more melancholy numbers such as ‘Before Too Long’, ‘Dumb Things’ is a strong first effort, fulfilling enough to warrant a deep breath at the conclusion, but still leaving us wanting to hit play again. 


Dumb Things launch their album at Bloodhound Bar this Friday with fellow Brisbane acts The Mosaics and Springhare. Check out the record below.