Written by Tara Williams



Melbourne’s Candy has won over many hearts in 2018 with the release of 4 singles throughout the year. Along with that, they have played countless shows around their hometown and outside including appearances at BIGSOUND, Against the Grain Festival, Peel Street Festival and Vacations’ national tour to name a few. 

Candy’s latest album ‘Under the Weather’ is a welcome new edition to his compendium of raw human emotion. The juxtaposition of synth-poppy, post-punk tunes and harrowingly honest lyrics make Under the Weather uniquely relatable. It’s bleeding onto a page embodied … but you could also dance to it.


Calum Newton, the brains and braun behind Candy wrote about the album, “On reflection it’s a wildly sad album, I didn’t realise that when recording it. My only hope is that my parents don’t listen to it and get sad - that’d be a real bummer”. There’s no beating around the bush, everything from his Bob Dylan-bluntness to the DIIV-esque effects are right there to satisfy both your sweet and sour desires. Your doctor recommends you skip the apple today and get your hands on some Candy.


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