Written by James Gatling
Photographed by William Johnstone
Artwork by Keziah Gill



Introducing Bad Sext – the most entertaining, most productive and most relatable band kicking around Brisbane. Not afraid to discuss what is usually deemed too uncomfortable to talk about, Bad Sext explores the topics feminism, dogs, dates, sex, naps and everything in between. The front women, Ella and Meg, will make you laugh, cry and reconsider your place in the patriarchy through their witty lyricism, sweet-harmonies and hilarious comedy skits.


Their first single - Existential Crisis Nap – embodies everything that is Bad Sext. It’s about being dazed, disorientated and confused, but it’s wrapped up in a summery, upbeat and catchy pop song. The intertwining harmonies and clever lyrics float effortlessly above a tight and driving rhythmic bed provided by the drums and bass.  Existential Crisis Nap is the perfect wake up alarm for when you’ve slept all afternoon and have shit to do.


You’d be a fool not to catch Bad Sext at any of their upcoming gigs in Brisbane.


Saturday 16th March – Bugs ‘Sweetener’ Tour @ The Woolly Mammoth

Saturday 23rd March – Jailbreak Festival @ Boggo Rd Gaol

Friday 5th April – Women Out Front @ The Foundry

Friday 3rd May – ‘Muff Hussy’ EP Launch @ Heya Bar


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