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Interview: Body Type

Photography by Kitty Callaghan

Body Type is one of the most talked about bands to flourish out of the Sydney scene over the past year and a bit and for good reason. Their distinct flavour of pop music is matched with an incredible stage presence and charm that makes them an unmissable act. Unless you've been under a rock this year, you'd know that they've been kicking goals all over the country playing the likes of; Blurst of Times Festival, BIGSOUND, King Street Crawl, Volumes Festival, Triple J's Electric Lady, Yours & Owls (To be played), Vivid Sydney and a cheeky Splendour DJ set just for good measure. Now playing as main support for POND's 'The Weather' tour, if Body Type aren't your new favourite band yet, they're sure to be in no time.


Hey Sophie! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me.

Your support on POND's The Weather tour kicks off this week. How are you feeling?

HI BRODIE! Nice to chat! Buzzing with all kinds of feelings at the moment but mainly I'm very excited. Is this a band that you've been listening to/been influenced by?

I've been listening to POND since the Psychedelic Mango days, when they were wee lads playing 100-capacity rooms in lil old Perth. Big fan of The Weather - "Paint Me Silver" is my personal fave. I also feel like I have definitely been influenced by Nick's stage antics and Shiny Joe's hot sense of style. I just wanted to get a bit of background on yourself, Annabel, Georgia and Cecil. How long have you all known each other and been playing music together?

Cecil and I have known each other since we were fresh out of high school, and Georgia is a fellow Perth expat who we knew from around the traps. Annabel was a Sydney find via a friend's sharehouse. We've been playing music together for about a year and a half.

As a Brisbanian, Sydney seems like such a cool and creative place with so many talented people to bounce ideas off of. Is this true from your point of view?

Yeah it's true, but you definitely have to try a little harder to find what you're looking for. Sydney can be pretty shallow and beige on the surface, but once you know what's what, you realise just how many amazing people there are making cool things happen - shout outs to Gusher, Dinosaur City, Golden Age Cinema, FBi, etc. Your latest single 'Silver' has been well received around the country and it's no surprise because it’s an absolute banger. This track was produced by the incredible Antonia Gauci, what was the whole process like for you and how was it working with someone like Antonia?

Thank you, we're very happy that people seem to be enjoying it. It was a big learning curve for us working in an actual studio, as our last recording session was in an attic - very DIY. We were so fortunate to be able to use some incredible gear (thank you Berkfinger) and to create under the guidance of Toni - she is so patient, and contributed some great ideas to our sound. Was cool to mix her electronic background with our rough-as-guts approach, we work really well together and we love her a lot. The lyrical content of Silver is intriguing, especially for people in their early twenties or late teens. Can you elaborate on the feelings you had going into writing this song?

I find it really challenging to talk about the feelings behind a song! I was thinking about this the other day - I find myself writing quite sporadically and just sort of spit out whatever pops into my head. I guess that means my writing is pretty honest. This one comes from a combination of feelings - mainly from a time where I felt really aware of changes in my life, reflecting on people coming and going, embracing inevitable change, etc. You’ve got an EP set to hit the world a little later this year, have we got a date locked in for this and will we be seeing another new single out before then?

Yikes! No date for the EP just yet, but we'll definitely be dropping another lil taste from it soon. We also have a video on the way for 'Silver', keep yer eyes peeled for that...

You've played a myriad of amazing shows with other great acts throughout this year. What's been your favourite show that you've played so far?

Hmm, that's a tough one. I had a really great time at Volumes Festival last month - I think OAF might be my favourite stage to play in Sydney, and we got to see some other amazing bands like The Ocean Party, Sunscreen, RVG, Terry, Gauci and MEZKO. In the time you've been performing as a band, are there any tropes of the industry that you're growing tired of?

When organisations defend themselves for not being diverse in their bookings/radio programming/media coverage/whatever. If you've made a mistake and forgotten to book anyone except white males on your lineup, accept your error and ACTUALLY make an effort to make a difference instead of just getting on your high horse and making shitty excuses. If you were stranded on a desert island with only three songs to take with you for the remainder of your days. What would they be and why?

ONLY THREE SONGS that's so mean!!! 1. Deerhunter - Desire Lines (my favourite song of all time) 2. Kamasi Washington - Clair De Lune (would be SO nice to have playing as the sun set over the ocean) 3. ABBA - Knowing Me, Knowing You (a golden oldie to play whilst shimmying up palm trees to gather coconuts) Thanks so much for your time Soph! Always a pleasure Brodie <3 Can’t wait to see you all again next week.


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