Written by Chris Langenberg, Photographs by Robbie Atkin-Robertson

The first time I saw The Smith Street Band was 2 years ago at what was then a sold out Hi-Fi. At that show Wil Wagner said “This is the most people our band has ever played to”. Fast-forward to 2016 and the band can comfortably sell out every single Brisbane show they play, including last Friday at Max Watts. With supports from the Jess Locke band, Joelistics and Luca Brasi, it had the potential to be a pretty fucking incredible show, and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

Jess Locke was first to play. The band’s flights were delayed, forcing them to land in Brisbane 40 minutes before they were due to start. Whatever stress they had definitely didn’t show and they put on a really great set. Although Joelistics was playing a mixed genre bill, they also held their own before Luca Brasi took to the stage. The band delivered some songs from their recent album If This is All We’re Going To Be and played some older repertoire much to the delight of the packed out room. The fact that the band was so excited and genuinely humbled to be playing after playing each song made their whole set a little more special.

The curtain closed while The Smith Street Band set up and the anticipation grew before Wil Wagner started the show by playing a rare solo version of I Love Life. Fitzy and the rest of the gang joined before the last chorus and they carried themselves throughout in true Smith Street fashion. The set had some real treats including rare performances of songs like Tom Busby (with Tyler from Luca Brasi joining on vocals), another solo performance of My Little Sinking Ship and other old favourites including When I Was a Boy I Thought I Was a Fish. Halfway through the crowd became restless and a few punters began to throw fists. Wil rectified the situation simply by telling them in no uncertain terms to ‘fuck off’.  

The band left the stage after playing Throw Me In The River while a Tym’s amp was rolled on, which was a quick hint that something special was coming up. Wil came back on and began playing Violent Soho’s In The Aisle before Luke Boredam joined him on stage, prompting almost everyone to either lose their minds or whip out their iPhones. Finishing the set with Young Drunk, The Smith Street Band totally owned the night and gave Brisbane a real treat.

Check out our photographer Robbie photos from the night below.