Written by Annie Kuzovina

Brisbane's Nice Biscuit is a 6 piece psych pop band that have been gaining lots of buzz from their live performances. The band has been around for just over a year but have generated a loyal following. With Nice Biscuit playing at our next Why Thank You club night, we asked them a couple of questions. 

Congrats on the Bigsound debut! We were glad to see you in Triple J’s top 10 highlights. What were some of the highlights of the festival?

Aw thanks! Yeah that was pretty cool. Highlights would have to be playing songs, hearing nice things about our songs and of course being front and centre for amazing bands e.g Total Giovanni.

You guys toured with Clea this year! What was your favourite show?

Touring with Clea was a lot of fun and learning experience for us, we are pretty green on the whole touring business. The Melbourne show was probably our favourite - it was the first of the tour and we have plenty of mates down there who got to see us and catch up with. So, so cold though. 

Having said that, a good ol Brisso show is hard to go past. 

It’s pretty wild to see a six-piece band play so tight. Can you share the origins of Nice Biscuit?

Thanks! - Pretty much met through each other. Friends, housemates, college mates, school mates. After a few jams had to get a set together for a party at Billie’s mum’s house. Since then we have just been enjoying writing and playing music, pretty cliche.

I’ve been listening to In Space Today religiously and I can’t imagine syncing that tempo change so perfectly. How do you co-ordinate the music writing process between the six of you?

Sometimes someone will bring a tune that is pretty much finalised and other times unfinished ideas have been brought and we all work on them - In Space Today is a good example of this. I think we got the tempo change on this one just right on the 3rd take. We did some more safeties but no. 3 just seemed be the guy. 

I’m going to take a stab and say the 60s have been a big influence in your music, who have been some of your major inspirations for the songs you write?

You wouldn’t be wrong. Though we get pretty obsessed with tracks and styles of music from plenty of decades. Major inspirational bands (top 3) would be:

Thee Oh Sees/Oh Sees

Brian Jonestown Massacre

Ty Segall


Can you recommend any songs/artists to get us into the spirit?

Thee Oh Sees/Oh Sees

Brian Jonestown Massacre

Ty Segall

It’s pretty fitting you guys are playing Gizzfest and Jungle Love, anything else in store for the near future? Any fresh recordings, perhaps?

We have been sporadically recording on weekends with our good friend Ali at a farm near Boonah, so yeah, there’s some more stuff coming.. :)

See Nice Biscuit at the next Why Thank You this Friday night at The Foundry!