Written by Brodie Popple 

Without even hearing his material, Leroy Francis strikes you as a bloke who knows how to have a good time. One of those guys who serendipitously tags along on a night out and before you know it you're both sloshed and Leroy's carrying you around The Foundry yelling your name and shaking you like a human rattle (what a night!). His debut song Carry Me embodies just that and if you don't believe me, just watch the music video below. After spending two years chipping away at this solo project, Leroy's entered with strong momentum that will surely continue.  With some new material on the horizon, now's the time to familiarise yourself with one of the countries most exciting upcoming talents.

You just released the first single for your career as a solo musician, how do you feel?

Its all exciting at this stage. I love all the people who I haven’t spoken to in years all of a sudden start sucking my ass but just can’t wait to release the next single and start doing live shows really.


We saw you play along side MOSSY at Against the GRAIN festival as a member of his band, but I'm curious as to how long you've been sitting on this solo project?

MOSSY and I were living in NYC together late 2015 writing in separate rooms in the studio we had there although i don’t think any of those songs have stayed since then. I guess you could say 2 years.


The video clip for 'Carry Me' resembles that of a party or some cooked kick-ons, where we see you get punched in the face a lot, draw a little blood and wear a silky black night gown. What inspired this video and how did you injure your arm?

Ive always wanted to do a clip having real violence inflicted upon me. Then Mclean Stephenson got involved, spitballed some ideas then arranged a bunch of cookeries to sink some and get going. Most of the punches and throws didn’t make it onto the final cut which is a shame for my face. The arm was from me falling down a trap door with my hand caught in it. 

You got your debut single premiered through SPIN in which they compared your track to that of Nobunny and Ty Segall, would you agree with these comparisons?

I can see where they are coming from sonically but I guess because I know how my coming singles sound I see it completely differently. In saying that I’m not offended.


What kind of music got you into making songs like 'Carry Me’?

I was listening to a lot of Daniel Johnston and a Danish band called Yung. It started as a sensitive little tune till i started throwing guitars all over it. Also the Monomania album by Deerhunter probably played a part. 


Now with your first single getting everyone all excited, how far off are we from tasting some new flavours?

Id give it maybe 4 more weeks before flopping another one onto the waves.


I know for a fact you're a guy who enjoys a good night out, what constitutes a good night for Leroy Francis?

A Buck Hunter machine to get the team morale up, a pool table to get the boos and cheers going, splash some live music in there before setting off without limits. Good mixed crowed too. All Boohas and Goohas welcome. ON THE HOUSE!!!