Hockey Dad are in the midst of one of the most impressive Nation wide tours of 2018 so far, with multiple sold out shows around Australia, including four here in Brisbane. On top of this Zac and Billy are set to head across the pond to New Zealand at the end of this month and if that wasn't good enough, they get to bring their best mates (and Brisbane sweet hears) Good Boy along for the ride. In anticipation of this we got Tom from Good Boy and Zac from Hockey Dad to fire some questions at each other.

Check out what Hockey Boy/Good Dad had to say below:

GB: Out of Good Boy - Marry one, fuck one, kill one. 

HD: Kill- Tom, Fuck- Rian, Marry - Stu


GB: Last band you listened to on Spotify? 

HD: Parquet Courts


GB: Never be able surf again or never be able to play guitar again? 

HD: Never be able to surf again.


GB: What are the odds of you wearing our pick of sunglasses during your set at the Woolly Mammoth?  

HD: 15 straight up


GB: Bonus - how do you feel about drop d tuning? 
HD: Highly recommend




HD: What's your favourite colour Powerade?

GB: Blue. However I feel like there's a time and a place for each colour. Shoutout to all of the colours. 


HD: How long does it take you to finish a filet-o-fish meal? (Medium)

GB: 2.36


HD: Iced coffee or chocolate milk?

GB: Choccy milk


HD: Who is you favourite lord of the rings character?

GB: This is a hard one. Gonna have to go with Gandalf. Shoutout to Gimli though.

We also have a double pass to giveaway to our Second Birthday next Friday night at The Foundry where Good Boy will be headlining.

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