Written by Lloyd Crackett

Brooke Powers is a Melbourne-based DJ who is playing all the best parties that not only Melbourne has to offer but the entire country. Recently having played multiple parties in Sydney for Mardi Gras and at Golden Plains, Brooke is enthusiastically sharing her intense and passionate love of Garage, Tribal and Acid House with all who want to get around it. Soon coming to Brisbane, to play the new series of parties – Mellum’s Clublounge  - Brooke Powers will take up the decks on Sunday the 23rd of April to provide the soundtrack to an undeniably great night at Woolly Mammoth.  In the lead up to the show, Brooke Powers took some time to chat to us.


It’s been said that your sets are inspired by sex, drugs, queerness and feminism, how do you like to get that across while you perform?

I guess, that you could say, that those things are – kind of what defines the revolution. For me it was discovering clubbing, y’know and kinda being so inspired by those things lead me to become a DJ. And so I guess, less of it coming out thematically in exactly what I play and I do love to put in a lot of diva vocal samples and like camp it up every now and then but it does kinda come out – but I think it comes out in the energy and the image I bring to the club, the people that I bring to the club and the attitude of my body language 

You do play a lot of queer parties, it is very queer-centric – which I really do like. That is what Mellum will be doing, Brisbane doesn’t have the same size queer scene as Melbourne does, so it is important for us, for Mellum to be doing something like this and getting you up to Brisbane. You’ve played a host of sets over the past few months, also two Mardi Gras parties – how did you enjoy Mardis Gras and were there any highlights?

I had the best time at Mardi Gras this year, probably my favourite Mardi Gras I ‘ve been to. Highlights were Kookee, a day party on Sunday, always so magical and amazing and then hearing Ben Drayden’s seven hour red bull academy set afterwards was such a good ending to that weekend.

How important do you think Mardi Gras celebrations, especially the party elements, are to the queer community?

I don’t know, I mean -what I know of Mardi Gras is that it started out as a queer riot kind of rally and now it is a big commercial money-making scheme. And it is also called ‘the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras’. The reason I go up to Sydney for Mardi Gras, or the reason any of my friends go up and have a good time isn’t because of the march itself. I didn’t even look at it. I really enjoy going to queer parties, really all parties, yeah.

Have you been up to Brisbane before and what do you think of our nightlife?

I haven’t been up to Brisbane since I was underage.

Yeah, Brisbane’s become quite stilted – you can’t even get shots after 12 O’clock here. It’s a very interesting place to be at the moment. What does it mean to you to support Brisbane’s growing queer nightlife? Mellum have been pushing it a lot in the past few months, to grow it.

That’s so cool, that feels awesome – we have a really dynamic queer scene down in Melbourne and it is really phenomenal and I feel really lucky to be immersed within it, especially the queer music scene, every day.  I do know there is the potential or there are smaller queer scenes going on in Perth and Brisbane and it is important we do tour to those places and we do make those connections and that we can help and not just focus on building the support and the strength of the scene in Melbourne but around the whole of Australia.

You have a very notable club kid look, what is it that draws you to the style you have?

Well, I guess – I don’t know. I hate to say the ‘90s.  Cause everyone is like ‘oh you’re the ‘90’s’, oh you’re the ‘90s you do the ‘90s – I don’t know. It is just really, it is trash – it’s like princess that crawled out of a bin. I just want to look hot and give zero fucks.

What was it like playing at Paradise Festival last year?

It was great- it was really cold. I just did Golden Plains festival – that was pretty phenomenal, that was like – the festival plays to a crowd of ten thousand so I played to a crowd of 5-7 thousand on the Saturday night. It was such an emotional rollercoaster really, being on that stage, every mistake that I made was so amplified in my head, I had no idea if I was doing a good job or not, I just didn’t know. Then I came off stage and my manager came rushing up to me and reassured me that I did a pretty good job and it was a big relief.


What is your track of the moment?

My favourite track? Gosh, okay – how do I pick one? I’ve got to think of one I actually remember the name of – I normally just keep them on the record. So – um, okay – this one track that I love. “love on my mind – Romatt’ which is DJ Roman and Matt Keys

And what is next for you?

I’m headlining Club D'erange next weekend in Melbourne and I hold a residency at a club called Le Fag, I’m doing a seven-hour Brooke Powers set. It’s going to be fun.