Interview by Anna Davidson

Perth's Boat Show has been gaining a lot of traction in recent months, following a huge tour with San Cisco and Thelma Plum and recently being announced on lineups for this years' BIGSOUND and Against the Grain Festival(s), this band is one to keep an eye on. They are currently gearing up to release their new single which will be followed by album number 2 later this year. We asked Anna Davidson from Major Leagues to have a chat with front-woman Ali Flintoff to talk about Boat Show. 

Why did you start the band? How did it all come together?

I was writing a bunch of new pop music and wasn’t able to pump it out quick enough in my other band because of schedules etc… so I started Boat Show and we jammed these pop songs a few times. But then I wrote a garagey kind of song and it felt way better and made me feel really good writing blunt and honest lyrics so we just stuck with that vibe and WOW LOOK AT US NOW lol we are a music band.


Is it true Jenny runs the viral FB page “Dogs Eating Gently”? (asking for a friend)

Yes, she’s really found her calling.


How have people reacted to your first album?

It’s been great. Didn’t expect anything to come out of it seeing as though we recorded it in 3 hours in a lounge room and mastered it with and automatic online mastering program. So it’s been real surprising and amazing that people have actually responded well and seem to like it. I’ve never really been that into writing lyrics before I started Boat Show so the fact that lots of people seem to resonate with some of the lyrics is really nice for me and my confidence.


'Stupid' is one of my favourites from the record. What's it about?

Stigmas. People who refuse to help themselves resulting in their attitudes rubbing off negatively on other people.


What's your songwriting process like? Is it the same for Boat Show as it is for your other bands?

I write the songs, demo them and then teach them to the band. Similar for my other band Dream Rimmy, but the members in Rimmy often come up with their own parts to add to my skeleton of a song.


I really like the contrast between your super punchy sound and the vulnerability of some of your lyrics. I feel like there's definitely a strength in vulnerability. It's gutsy. Is this something you've done intentionally?

THANKS! Nah I haven’t it intentionally. I’m just bad at metaphors and being witty lol.


You've been playing live pretty consistently since you started the band. I know that we (Major Leagues) still get some pretty fucked up misogynistic things said or yelled at us at shows. Do you still get this? How do you deal with it?

We don’t often get shit yelled at us while we play, and when we do I just yell something really sarcastic back and start the next song. I definitely get it in my other band where I’m much more venerable.

We’ve had some chronic shit said to us after shows though. I don’t think I deal with it all that well and usually take it pretty personally and let it make me angry and then come up with amazing comebacks after the conversation is finished. Stella and Jenny are amazing at shutting that shit down and owning dickheads which is very empowering. I need to get better at that and learn to think on my feet when I get put on the spot. But I guess that’s what lyrics are for. One thing we do constantly get is mansplained about how to set up our gear that we’ve done 10000 times before. We’re just like Ugh shut the fuck up, where’s your fender sponsorship? (we don’t have one yet but we’re working on it) @fender #fender

Is the WA music scene a ''Cis white boy's club? Do you think it is changing? Or has it changed since you started playing music?

It is just as much as anywhere else is. But I definitely think it’s changing. These days it’s really gotta take guts to put on an all male line-up.. you will feel the wrath pretty fucking hard. So many queens fighting to make a change.

Do you think we all have a responsibility when it comes to calling out misogyny, racism, and exclusivity in the music industry?

FULLY! Power in numbers.

I'm often torn between the fact that the internet is an excellent tool for educating ourselves about feminism and inclusivity in the music industry and the fact that it is a place for trolls to spurt their bigoted opinions into the world while hiding behind their keyboards. Do you think one outweighs the other? Have Boat Show been trolled?

I think there’s always the right way to have the conversation and everyone needs to try and keep in mind that everyone’s learning. As long as it’s kept civil I think the internet is an amazing place for people to post their opinions in a well thought out way. The trolls don’t deserve anyone’s time unless they’re genuinely open to learning. If they’re not it’s just a waste of emotional energy. Dickheads.

Boat Show as a band haven’t really been trolled apart from a couple little petty comments here and there. But we all definitely have on our personal profiles. But I personally find internet drama BORING.


I saw you were working on album #2 already. Is it all done? When will we hear it?

Yes it’s done! October I reckon!


You're playing Big Sound. What are you hoping to get out of it, if anything? Also, which artists are you keen to check out?

INDUSTRY CONNECTIONS! (shoutout hideous sun demon) Keen to check out Hatchie, Jade Imagine, Body Type, Good Boy, Confidence Man, RVG, The Creases, Wild Honey & Amyl and the Sniffers. Also keen to see a and meet as many bands as we can.

What question are you most sick of getting asked in interviews?

No question in particular but I feel like time is wasted on the stock standard copy and paste interviews where they ask every band the same questions and don’t give a shit about actually researching anything about the bands.


You stayed at my parents' place when you played in Toowoomba. What did you think of my Mum?

Your Mum was the best. Breakfast was a treat and I liked the large selection of fruit. Thanks for having us Anna, we love you.

See BOAT SHOW on the 27th of August at our Against the Grain Festival. 

Tickets on sale now.