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First of all you gals just launched your latest single 'The Skull' (Fukn Tune btw) at One Year Bar yesterday along with Loose Tooth, International Velvet and Shit Bitch. How was the show and how's the new single been received so far?

The launch was so much fun. Wasn't sure if anyone would show as it's CHRISTMAS and we were also unable to promote the name of the venue or the address. The ol' accidental top secret affair. 

The cream of the crop managed to locate us and it was a really nice turn out. Dreams came true with the smell of tasty succulent snags wafting through the courtyard and there was even some kind of delicious pomegranate punch. Talk about a touch of class right there. 

The Skull is one of our faves to play live because you can't help but find yourself getting incredibly fired up and a bit debaucherous. The song has a very clear message that we've found resonates with our audiences. 

When Bitch Diesel came together you're cited to have fallen out of other things and into each other. A year and a bit on, do you still feel like you're falling or are you feeling more grounded than ever?

The past year has been a whirlwind of emotions. Quitting our day jobs, crash learning instruments, conquering intense stage fright, pretending to know how to write songs, broken limbs, busted appendixes, busted brains, fossicking for coin and playing one million shows with a really half cooked set of songs. We had no bloody idea what we were doing so we just made ourselves ridiculous outfits to distract the punters, tucked into our rider and got the job done in a rollercoaster of shows that were either just great or just plain rotten. No medium ground with Bitch Diesel. We're on or we're off, either way everyones bound to have a good hearty laugh and a good time.

As it turns out, a guitarist with two broken arms was a blessing in disguise, because we were forced to take a break where we wrote some new songs and bashed out a whole new set in a couple of hours. We've finally got some creations that we're really proud of and seem to have found our feet, securely right here on planet earth. So as of right this minute, we're strappin' on our gas packs to try and shoot on out of here and travel the world on the rock n' roll bandwagon.

You've also stated that you're living the teenage dream and have left the corporate world behind. What is the 'teenage dream' to you?

Just having the guts to do all the things that we'd dreamt of doing but had been too terrified to jump off the deep end. We're living life with the outlook that it's now or never and our #1 motto being #fakeittillyoumakeit (and #lookgoodfeelgoodgetlaid - spoiler alert, probably the name of our next/first album)


The Skull touches on many themes we've seen rampant across the nation this year with the rise of the alt-right and 'fascist cunts', has this year left a bitter taste in your mouth? Are you optimistic about 2018?

The song 'The Skull' was written by our "Silver Skidmark" while she was working on the new Romper Stomper TV series and the political elements it touches on. The state of political affairs in Australia and world wide has seen a rise in some real extremes left and right, the bitter taste that was left in our mouth led us to start writing the songs that will help take down the patriarchal bullshit and egotistical system that effects every human.  

Romper Stomper airs on New Years day 2018, it is absolutely worth checking out and try and spot the character Rob "The Skull" is based on. 


Contrary to our outlook above, we're getting really fired up for 2018 Bitch Diesel world domination. Hoping to tour Australia then the world seeing sights, makin' a bunch of mates, spreading the change and the #loverevolution. We're starting things off by sitting down and recording an EP.

In 2017 we saw a significant rise in some really intolerable behaviour but it also saw a rise in really great punk music including your own, do you enjoy the label of punk rockers? Or do you think it attracts some pretty tired tropes?

The rock and roll love revolution has been in the forefront since the beginning of time . We don't find anything boring about the term punk rock and the ethos behind it. Anybody that wants to question authority and give it a go is all right by us, nobody could be more tired or haggard then us three witches.. Plus anyone is welcome into the punk rock family and we endorse every man, women and child to get on their instruments (magic wands) and join the revolution. 

"The Skull" was produced by the great Gareth Liddiard which, to me,  seems like a match made in heaven. What did it mean to you working with Gaz and how was the overall experience?

The words 'match' and 'heaven' in one sentence when in the context of Bitch Diesel, makes us think that heaven must have been set on fire and burnt to the ground. Sounds about right. 


Gaz is like a norty older brother. He was content to just let us fang about offering up pearls of wisdom when the time was right. We knew that Gaz was our guy when 'The Silver Skiddy' discovered a South American sardine tin-turned Marimba, made a whacky riff and Gaz said "Aw that's great, plug it in, let's record that". Now the sardine tin is behind the opening riff in "The Skull". Sounds like a spaceship coming down to land (Gaz and Bitch Diesel love aliens). He's a super easy genius to work with and his beautiful and talented wifey Fi cooked up incredible feasts to feed us pests! Love those guys <3 

The video clip for "The Skull", is riddled in quintessential Australian tokens such as fish and chip shops, bogan aesthetics and racism. How did this concept come together?

Something that we're pretty set on is remaining true to ourselves and each member of BD is pretty bloody Strayan. Even if technically one is Dutch (hence the legs for days). We all grew up way outside of any major cities, so have been exposed to some of the worst racism and bogan tendencies that unfortunately Australia is well known for. Saying this, Australia is a bloody great country and although it has a dark history in terms of it's colonisation, we draw from the positive nostalgic stories and memories plus the very positive things that are coming out of the Rock & Roll Mecca of the Universe, Melbourne.  


We like to maintain that the work we create has a touch of the Aussie flavours that we love; such as the lighthearted way of living, always having a laugh with good mates, not taking things too seriously and we all love fish and chips. 


The fish and chip shop actually comes into play as Pauline H had her own f&c shop in Ipswich in the 90's which was then ironically taken over by a Vietnamese family when she was inducted into parliament. As mentioned above, the song is inspired by issues heavily referenced in the upcoming Romper Stomper and our upbringings in country Australia.

Was it more fulfilling to play the part of Pauline being shanked or the one shanking Pauline?

Hahahaha. A great question. Not sure if you noticed, but if you slow down on the scene, you'll notice that "Rob's Wife" can't really disguise her joy as she shanks Pauline.... It was a joyful moment in time. But as love revolutionaries we like to keep the violence down and we intend to fight off the neo nazis off with some good old fashion pashing. 

Fingers crossed we can get Bitch Diesel in Brisbane sometime in the new year, are there any plans for a tour?

We'll be scootin' up the Eastcoast at some stage before mid year for sure. Try n stop us! We're comin' tah get yah.

And finally, what is Bitch Diesels go to bitch diesel?

Is it pronounced "Pashing Pop" or Passion Pop? Who can say?


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