Written by Amber Ramsay 

This Friday, Abraham Tilbury (previously known as Allthingslost) will be returning to Brisbane for only the second time since moving to Melbourne early last year. The electronic/ambient artist manipulates acoustic instruments with electronic elements to create glitchy but beautiful soundscapes within his songs. 

We caught up with Abraham for a chat prior to his set at the 4th installment of our co-curated Why Thank You club night this Friday night at The Foundry.

We are excited to have you back in Brisbane for the upcoming Why Thank You night, which seems perfectly fitting for an electronic artist like yourself. Having previously lived in Brisbane, what are your thoughts on the electronic music scene here and how does it compare to that of Melbourne, where you are currently living?

Thanks Amber!! When I was in Brisbane I didn’t feel super involved in a scene but it’s definitely in an exciting place at the moment. I think Melbourne is exciting because there are heaps of events & places to go, especially after hours, whereas in brisbane I find myself scratching for things to do on a tuesday night.

You are evidently proficient in the production side of things, which compliments your work immensely.
What motivated you to focus on this style of music and how did you achieve such skills?

Artists like James Blake & Oscar Key Sung crossing over the production/songwriting hats immensely inspire me to expand in both areas.  I think finding ways to evoke emotion from electronic production is what keeps me inspired!

Is your music a personal reflection process or rather a technically focused hobby?

The technical side of music is still something i’m deeply passionate about! But absolutely songwriting is an amazing reflection tool that I couldn’t survive without day to day.

Shortly after you released your EP Magictime under Allthingslost, you changed your project name to your own. Were there any particular pressures or influences that motivated the change in the project's name?

During the transition phase for this project I wanted to expand the musical influences and dissolve any negative intentions from the old title. I didn’t want to push forward a sad or anxious project.

How has this change affected the way you approach your music, and was there anything you wanted to intentionally modify or showcase?
It allows me to explore more positive themes in my songwriting! I absolutely love being hit in the feels with music, but I think more recently i’ve been interested in music as a tool to uplift others (and myself).

That’s great! Since this transition, you have released two very solid singles, one of which reaching almost a million plays on Spotify. How does this kind of online success translate into your day to day life as a musician?

I don’t think it comes into my day to day, but I feel income streams like Spotify really allow an independant artist to reclaim the artform a little bit! It honestly inspires my songwriting process a little bit as it takes the pressure off smaller artists who would otherwise look to writing radio singles as a way to expand their project.

In terms of radio play, Triple J and other big platforms have supported you with your recent releases.  Do you find that with the current influx of bedroom artists, particularly in what seems to be a trending or favourable genre, that there is more competition for that kind of support?

The music scene is absolutely concentrated with heaps of artists who may not of had the same opportunity before music production was made accessible, but I think having more ‘competition’ in the music scene can only help push forward the artform.

Do you find it beneficial being an independent artist?

For sure! I enjoy having a hands on approach with the project, although there’s definitely times where I wish I had an external party taking some of the workload.

If it weren't for producing and performing music, what would you be doing?

Probably an even more lost boy!!! Maybe teaching? I wouldn’t mind exploring a golfing career...

What else do you do with your time that doesn’t involve music?

You can generally find me running around with a burger or falling asleep on the train!!

Lastly, what can we expect from Abraham Tilbury next?

Hopefully some crispy songs are coming sooooonn : - )

Catch Abraham Tilbury at The Foundry’s upcoming Why Thank You night on July 7.