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Written by Brodie Popple

After much anticipation Brisbane's House of Giants have finally released their debut EP 'Through the Trees'. The release saw House of Giants take The Foundry on a wave of rock supported by their friends Big Dead, Magenta Voyeur and Goodbye Moon on the third of March. House of Giants (HOG) have experienced success around the Brisbane circuit playing stellar shows at the likes of The New Globe Theatre, WithFlaws.Magazine launch party and Jungle Love Festival in 2014.


To get an idea of how HOG's music makes you feel, one only has to read their Unearthed Bio which reads; “[it’s] a dragon beating its huge wings in the depths of your ribcage. A boat being tossed around on icy waves, bipolar winds ripping its sails to shreds. A brother sun and sister moon and It's a yelling and a brightness and everything else in between.” If this hasn't convinced you yet, I urge you to sit down and listen to Through the Tree back to front and prepare yourself for a journey that can only be understood in the deepest depths of your innermost wants and needs.


I had a chat with Guitarist Jacque McGill to reflect on the making of the album, what to expect from the future and how he's feeling about House of Giants.










































So this album has been finished for quite some time now, how long have you been sitting on it and what do you think held you back the most?

We started the recording process in October 2014, then received the mastered version in about April 2015 and finally just released it in February 2016. To be perfectly honest I think the biggest thing holding us back was ourselves, just being generally inexperienced in this kind of thing and trying to have a serious attempt at releasing something was very daunting and at the same time we where all going through different personal stuff which hindered the whole process. Money was another issue, initially we wanted to press the EP to vinyl but after recording we realised we couldn't afford it and had to change plans a number of times again to compensate for that. After all that though I'm glad with how it turned out to be a completely D.I.Y kind of effort, Zac did all the art and everything else creative and business wise was done by us 100% of the way.


How was the recording process?

Recording was great, it took a few months due to our personal schedules and us coming back in and redoing things but it was a rewarding experience. Our friend Brock Weston, who also plays in Bugs and Pro Vita, is the tech wizard behind the EP who essentially recorded and engineered everything in his home studio and helped make the EP what it is. We all felt comfortable working with Brock and he knew what we where going for sound wise, which made it easier to bring our ideas to life.


How stoked are you on the EP launch show as well as the venue and opening acts you have on?

Super stoked. The Foundry is an amazing venue and I'm psyched that they wanted to host our launch show. As for the support acts, Magenta Voyeur, Big Dead and Goodbye Moon are some of our favourite Brisbane bands. All the bands are different in their own way in regards to influences but there is a common thread that ties us all together that will make for an awesome show.


Any hints of a tour or an increase in shows now that the EP is available?

We have a few more things coming up after the EP launch but no interstate shows as of yet. At the moment we all have insanely different schedules, which makes planning tours really hard, but hopefully we can figure out a way to get down the east coast through Sydney and Melbourne and spread the HOG vibes.


If you had to sum up how you've been feeling in the days following the launch, how would you go about it?

So much stoke, the turnout was amazing and it seemed everyone was genuinely stoked to be there too! There's also a big sense of relief too now that we're on the other side of the whole release phase. For me there was a lot of self-doubt during the whole process but being there first hand and seeing everyone's reaction to all our hard work was such an amazing feeling.

House of Giants, Grainzine, Interview, House of Giants EP Launch
HOUSE OF GIANTS AT THE FOUNDRY: Photograph by Cameron Lougheed