Review by Kalem Horn
Photographs by Robbie Atkin Robertson



It has been a year since I last saw Parcels. They have now released their debut album and are as sensational as ever. Everything about them is so smooth. No instrument oversteps another. It is only played when necessary and only just the right amount.  With no dominate lead, every member and instrument has its own time to shine.

The addictive beat accompanied by the smoke, vintage dress and glowing lights turn into some sort of ritual. The bass licks warp space-time itself and the whole set flies by in a mere heartbeat. The cover of Paul McCartney’s Every Night and Older were set highlights. Every Night being a cover changed the set’s mood ever so slightly keeping things fresh whereas the live, extended rendition of Older brought new life to one of their older songs.


The crowd chanting along are a new addition to Parcels this year as the fans now know all the lyrics. Honourable mention to supporting act Alfalfa for energising the crowd for such a singalong. Their studio level performance of perfect harmonies and guitar plucking makes me look forward to seeing Parcels again in 2020.I hadn’t had a boogie like that in a long time.