Review by Monica Sottile
Photographs by Seamus Platt




On the night of the 26th of April 2018, I knew I was in for a good gig. The line-up looked beautiful, the night was clear, Brisbane was finally getting cool enough for a light jacket that I wouldn't be sweating in - it was our night.


Laurence Pike opened the night with a captivating, other-worldly set full of percussion and suspense. I wasn't expecting something like this for the opener of the show but I'm glad I got to experience it.


Next up was the ever so beautiful Body Type who never fail to cement themselves as one of the best live acts I’ve seen.

In their first Brisbane show off the back of their new single ‘Arrow’ (which will make everyone want to be in a sparkly rock band no offence) they were contagiously energetic and upbeat. One of the best things for me about seeing Body Type play is how much they love doing what they do. 

When Alex Cameron et al arrived on stage the Foundry was full to the brim. The whole set reminded me of a feel good 80s teen drama with a slice of Wet Hot American Summer. Even with 7 people on stage, Al Cam performed at the centre of it all in his wife beater and business suit. If you haven’t had a look at the Facebook page for Alex Cameron but you’re reading this review then 1) I’m pretty confused and 2) go and look at it and then imagine all of the pizazz and character play but on stage at the Foundry. The show wouldn’t have been complete without Roy Molloy’s Foundry stool review of 2/5 (pretty accurate tbh) and commentary of it feeling like ‘1cm of Brown pleather over treated pine.’ Although that didn’t get a unanimously positive response Al Cam jumped in with ‘if you came here expecting anything but honesty I feel sorry for ya.’


I feel like that sentiment sums up the whole show pretty well - that and the mention of the ‘investigation of the straight white male’ in combination with more men singing to their male friends at a show than I have ever seen before.