Written by Chris Langenberg



SIAMESE are one of the most exciting new bands to come out of Adelaide in recent times. Their fuzzy alt-rock sound has been turning heads and with the band now having 3 singles under their belt, they have played big headlining shows in their hometown and have also featured on lineups for Poison City Weekender, Swirl Fest & Against the Grain Festival. We gave SIAMESE a disposable camera to document their last tour late last year. 

Can you give me a brief history of SIAMESE. When did you start playing together? What are some influences?

Siamese originally started early 2015 with Baden (Drums) and Gabi (Bass). I wish we had an interesting story about how we got together but it’s just really mundane. I knew Baden through high school and I met Gabi through friends. After a line-up change in late 2016 we brought in Colby (guitar) and Gere (bass) and started to work and develop our style. We all have a broad range of influences – Alt Rock/Indie is probably the mutual genre between the four of us, but yeah, we all bring something different to the table so I’m looking forward to what comes next with the sound.

You took these photographs when you were on tour for your second single, Scatterbrain. It was a little while ago now, but how was the tour? 

The tour was a lot of fun! We had previously been to Melbourne and Ballarat for the Computer Patient tour with Horror My Friend so that really warmed us up to the harsh realities of it all. On the Scatterbrain tour we got to fly which was great because it meant that we didn’t get stuck in a sweaty car for eight hours.

The smell, lack of money and sleep are really the things that I remember most. The shows were super fun and we got to meet a lot of really sweet people. The Gong being a definite highlight, as was Brisbane! 


You just released your third single Slaughterhouse, can you tell me a little about this track?

Slaughterhouse was a late bloomer. We were about a month out of recording and we wrote the song in a few sessions and thought hey let’s not record the older material we’ve had dormant for 2 years let’s record this one! As for song meaning, it’s really open to interpretation. I like a lot of Sci-fi and Dystopia so there was influence from that and also that I got the idea for the name of Slaughterhouse from Slaughterhouse Five. 


I recently watched you play a cover of Metallica’s Enter Sandman with an officer from the South Australian Police Force. This isn’t really a question I just thought I should mention it. 

Ah yes, SAPOL. 

Well we are hoping they might come back for another jam, maybe we can do Fuel or St. Anger this time.

What else do you have planned for this year?

We have a few things up our sleeves, not sure what we are allowed to say and what we aren’t but we’ve got some new material and some shows planned.


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