Written by Brodie Popple Photographs by Robbie Atkin-Robertson

I remember when Rei Bingham of Sweater Curse and Yuuca suggested I listen to Body Type, I knew they would be something special. A band with over 70,000 streams on Spotify and some incredible shows under their belts for 2017, I was surely not disappointed last Saturday. Playing the Black Bear Lodge stage at the early time of 5:30 did not hinder crowds from flocking to catch the Sydney outfit. This four piece consisting of Sophie, Anabel, Georgia and Cecil is rising fast and I assume the next time we see them in Brisbane will be in a much bigger way.

Adorned in a rugby jersey, Sophie had the audience feeling all warm and good inside as they prepared for what would be a huge night ahead. With their bellies full of Burrito's from Burrito Bar (they were quite vocal on this), Body Type gently caressed our ear drums with their charming flavour of indie rock. Their popular tunes 264 and Ludlow saw many moving bodies and mouths reciting lyrics back at the band. Sophie's beautiful lispy voice and her lyricism is what really makes the songs so captivating, a healthy mix of melancholy and upbeat. Just watch the music video for Ludlow and you'll see exactly what I mean; "You know that every move you make makes my heart break".

This band is so tight and they give off the impression that they know exactly where they're heading and that's on festival line ups and nationwide tours. The whole set was well mixed (thanks Ed), strong bass lines and beautiful harmonies, however the snare could have done without being silenced. The pace of the performance was bang on with the energy of the band building until the crescendo, finishing on a high note. This is a band you should definitely keep an eye out for over the next few months. Be sure to catch them next time they're in the city, in the mean time listen to their latest single Break Down released as part of a Dinosaur City Mix Tape below.