Written by Brodie Popple photographs by Robbie Atkin Robertson

BIGSOUND seems like years ago. But the fact is, it was only 2 weeks ago. Check your calendar idiots!

Brodie interviewed Nelly and Etta from Melbourne 3-piece Loose Tooth before their showcase slot at The Foundry. 

There has been so much going on, it has been really hard to pick what to go see, how has it all gone for you guys? 

Nelly: Yeah, we played at Crowbar with Ceres, Totally Unicorn and Walken (check), who I think are from here? So that was good, it was a nice way to kick it off.

Etta: That was for deathproof PR pre party thing

Have you guys been to Brisbane before? Or is this your first time? 

Nelly: Umm, with this band we haven't, umm but with our old band we came up quite a bit. We were friends with a band called this disables, we stayed with them and played a bit. I can't remember where we played or anything.
Etta: Yeah me either

How's everything been since the release of your album in April? Have you toured the album much?  

Etta: Uhh, it's been fucking hectic, yeah it's sort of like. We released it and we recorded it on kind of a wim really, was like ohh better record something and then everything just sort of happened from there. Milk picked us up, playing crazy shows all the time, lots of opportunities, came here 

Nelly: We've mainly been doing shows in Sydney 

Etta: Yeah a few shows in Sydney, but mainly shows in Melbourne. 

Nelly: Yeah slogging it in our home town. I think you gotta like build it from where you live and then slowly folding it out. It's a slow thing, unless you've got like a million dollars. It's even expensive flying the three of us on planes and then getting accommodation. So you gotta like build it enough so venues want you so you can atleast like break even. Me and Etta put a lot of our own money into this band and we'll be like dirt poor.

But you just love it so much 

Etta: haha yeah 

Where are you guys staying this week? 

Nelly: We're at the Mantra? It's pretty affordable, there's a bunch of us staying in a three bedroom apartment. If you're gonna be running around like this you want a nice place to go back to. Somewhere to sleep.

Etta: Treat yo self

I feel like sleep is a precious commodity this week  

Nelly: We've already, like I feel like I've slept more than anyone. We had a three hour nap yesterday and then we went to bed early last night.

For a lot of people in Brisbane, Melbourne's kind of a goal of theirs to end up in. People often say we lose some great talent to Melbs, but being from the city yourselves, how does it stack up for you?  

Etta: Umm, I think the Melbourne music scene is amazing and there's lots of opportunities and it’s very community focused and it’s umm, it's yeah, it's quite small really. But there's a lot more venues in Melbourne than other places and a lot of people do kind of gravitate towards it, and it's good you get to be around lots of like minded people. Which is really nice. 

Nelly: There's amazing bands coming out of Melbourne and I guess it is sad that other states are losing some of their bands. But I think there's certain bands which you can't really forget where they came from, you know, I know Gabriella Cohen and she's from Brisbane. I think every state has their own little niche, cause there's not a lot, there's not heaps from Melbourne that's essentially Melbourne. But there's a lot of music and lot of nice people, like I can go and see my favourite bands. 

So from your Facebook profile pic I noticed you guys are surrounded by Doggos, I was just wondering If you've left any pets missing you whilst you're here at Big Sound?  

Etta: I've got a cat and she always gets really upset when I leave or im away for a little while but when I get back she just gives me the cold shoulder. But then kind of is around? She's very manipulative, if she wasn't so cute. 

Nelly: My housemates have a dog and I've been with her since she was a puppy but she wouldn't be missing me. I've got a family dog, but I just don't have time for a dog, they're a huge responsibility.

Etta: Yeah having a Dog is a big deal. But we love em'. 

Some people get dog's and think they can handle them but they're a big deal 

Nelly: No no no, it's like having a baby

Etta: yeah that's a long commitment, it's like sixteen years or something 

Nelly: If you're lucky. I don't know if you can be in a band and have a dog

Lastly, is there anyone you guys are excited to catch this week? 

Nelly: I'm pumped to see Totally Mild, The Goon Sax I'm really really excited to see.

Etta: Rolling Blackouts 

Nelly: Bloody, I don't know hey, it's something haven't really thought about yet. That's so sad.

Etta: There's so much going on that I'm just gonna follow my friends and we've been playing so many shows im just excited to see who else is playing. I'm excited to see some of the bands we're playing with tonight, they're cool and they're from here.