Written by Chris Langenberg


The first time I was told to listen to Brisbane's Big Bad Echothey were described to me as "Brisbane's answer to Deerhunter". As if this was not intriguing enough, I couldn't anticipate my excitement when I listened to the bands latest single Ice Breaker for the first time. The punchy drum intro had me on edge until the first strum of the (almost shoegazed) sparkly guitar. The frantic vocals of singer Mick Reddy joining the upbeat combo ties everything together in a really clever way. It is really exciting to see a band consolidate a whole range of genre influences and pull it into a unique sound. It seems the band have really stepped it up for this single and its fair to say these boys can expect a busy year especially if they keep producing bangers like Ice Breaker.


If you haven't listened to Ice Breaker yet, be sure to check it out (below).

Big Bad Echo's EP 'It Takes a Big Dog to Weigh a Tonne' is set to be released on the 26th of February.

Upcoming Shows

20th/21st of February: Agnes Rock and Blues Festival

25th of February: Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

4th of March: Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney